Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I've been journalling ...

Spread from the ZOMBIE journal

This is a magazine picture, very much embellished with a lot of crackle, diamante, ink etc, plus hand journalling. Once an ad for perfume or something, she's now a vampire (the theme of the Zombie journal is the Undead).

This is the journal - I used the original covers of this hardback book - chosen purely because of the cover, which I couldn't resist... I gutted the book and added my own papers, sewn over tapes, to construct a blank journal.

I've been working in this bit by bit as the muse takes me (and I see a pic that's perfect to use, etc).

This seems to be very timely, as we've just had Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, and now 'Pride + Prejudice + Zombies' has just been released. I've been working on this journal for around 18 months on and off, so I was ahead of my time, lol.


Saturday, 5 March 2016

No posts - NO COMPUTER!

A lovely Valentine's Day prezzie - my brand new Lenovo all-in-one. White (gorgeous!) and no base unit - so it looks well in the living room. Windows 10, fast as lightning and works like a dream - I'm in love...

Anyone who reads my blog may have noticed there have been no posts for a while - I blame it all on Windows 10!

I updated my lovely Zoostorm Windows 7 to Windows 10, which was fine for quite a while. Then I got the Black Screen Of Death, and the computer wouldn't accept a reboot disc. To cut a long story short, I had to go back to the manufacturer for a new copy of Windows 7, and finally managed to get it to work again - but have lost around 18 months-worth of pix etc as I also dropped my external hard drive and broke it. So between the two: total disaster.

I'm now keeping the Zoostorm as a spare in case of more disaster.

Anyway, that's the reason there's been no posts. Plus, I was trying to learn WordPress but have lost the video downloads for the course and am going to have to start all over again. Blah.


Monday, 7 September 2015


I hope you like the new look - all of a sudden my old background style looked cluttered and old fashioned, so I've installed a completely new custom template, header etc.

I've undergone something of a sea change taste-wise, and instead of rich deep colours, I seem to need light, bright and (shock horror) something a bit more minimal. You realise this might not last long ... I have a strong love affair with the colour red (crimson especially).

It's been quite a hiatus - during which time I've been trying to decide where I go from here - and even whether to carry on blogging at all! Or start a new one, switch to WordPress etc etc etc (still haven't made up my mind about that one...)

I've decided to carry on, but am sticking strictly to what I enjoy doing which is journalling, bookbinding and messing around with blog templates and design.

As there are so many changes in the Blogger template, I'm going to make major changes in the Computery and Blogology blogs, and might just delete them (or link them here, or something). You have been warned...


Friday, 23 January 2015


Hi folks

I'm not closing this blog - but I am taking a break for a while.

RE blogging, I'm feeling stale and I definitely need to do an overhaul of my blogs. There are too many (as you can see from the links down in the footer) and I need to declutter, regroup and reorganise.

I'm yet again toying with the idea of decamping to WordPress - and also thinking hard about Tumblr.

So keep checking back for news - I'll keep you updated when I know what I'm doing!

Hugs etc


Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas plaque for BladeRubber Stamps

I've made this plaque especially for BladeRubber Stamps, to wish all their customers a Merry Christmas (although it's still just a leeetle early in my book - my Christmas spirit is still firmly in the bottle, probably around 15% proof, lol).

As always, I'm heavily into Glitter Mode - this one is positively restrained compared to some of my other projects!

I prepped the palette-style MDF pieces with white acrylic, then went back over this with a medium blue and a pale grey, to imitate cold snowy skies. This was topped off with a snowflake stencil, stencilled with metallic pale blue on two edges, and white acrylic in other places. I threw glitter on two of these (glitter will stick to a thick layer of acrylic paint if you apply it while the paint is wet).

I then prepped all my lettering and the snowflakes (die cuts by Woodware in stiff white card.) I've used white acrylic paint all around the sides of the Merry Christmas phrase (which was bright red glitter, from our local supermarket, which I've separated into two pieces so I could space it out).

I drew out my shapes using the fine nozzle of the Glossy Accents bottle - the secret here is to draw around the outline first, then flood in with the glue. If you just want a raised and shiny finish, let it dry as is. If you want glitter etc, spoon it onto the wet glue and leave it to dry completely before shaking off the excess. Make sure you put your letters etc onto a totally flat surface, as this is dimensional adhesive which means it's self-levelling. So if it's on a tilted surface, it'll flow off the edges which is probably exactly what you don't want, lol.

I used glitters by Stampendous: Crushed Glass glitter in silver, Shaved Ice (big irridescent pieces), Crystal Snow, and Silver Halo Glitter Mix.  Also used: Vintage Sparkle glitter in blue (fabulous bottle!) and Stickles Ice Glitter glue dribbled on the tops of the Merry Christmas, to look like snowdrifts.

Once the glitter was dry, I added my letters with Glossy Accents, and the plastic Merry Christmas using a hot glue gun. Finishing touches were artificial fir branches, felt snowflakes, white glitter berries and some fir cones - all applied using a hot glue gun.

The whole piece was hung with a length of copper wire, painted with white acrylic and glittered. I did the same for the snowflakes, wrapping the wire round the end of a paintbrush to get the twirly whirly bits. These were glued at the back of the MDF, at the bottom, with glue gel (and a piece of lace stuck over the top with loads of white acrylic on top to make sure they were stuck really well).

And that's it! Hope you like it - and that you'll all visit and see their Christmas window in person.