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Christmas Sleigh ornaments

I've made two Christmas Sleighs. These are MDF ornaments/table decorations from a very plain kit (very boring brown) which I created last year (originally for a Christmas fair, which I had to cancel due to flu).

This is Sleigh No 1, with little toy drums

There's a lot of fake snow, plus a painted crackle effect in selected areas

I've piled on the fake snow and glitter EVERYWHERE!

I'm a great believer in the back being as nice as the front...

I've used glitter baubles, silver apples, tiny fir cones...

This is Sleigh No 2. It's the same, but different... So they could be a pair, or stand alone.

This one doesn't have any toy drums

But it does have glittered fruit

Lots of metallic gold baubles

Glittery silver twigs

Loads of fake snow...and glitter, of course...

Hope you like them!

I just put them on eBay, hoping someone will love them and give them a new home.

FACES - two watercolour journal pages.

These journal pages are a little different - in each case I drew just half the face!

In each case, I've painted in watercolour onto fairly absorbent paper - without drawing a pencil line first! This has given a really soft & dreamy effect.

I've used stamps for the lace effect, and the quotes are by AlteNew stamps. The flowers are also stamps, roughly watercoloured, then even more roughly cut out and hacked into to create petals.

I've torn the bottom of the pieces to follow that lace effect.

FASHION POLICE Journal pages

I haven't posted any new journal stuff for a while, so I thought you'd like to see what I've been working on...

This is a huge A4 journal I've called 'Fashion Police'. It's kind of a commentary on fashionistas etc, a little tongue-in-cheek.

These pages were created with stencils and sprays - then I saw these shapes in the colours, and these figures more or less drew themselves! I've used charcoal pencil and a white acrylic paint pen to create these.

Another shape I saw in the pages. I drew the face, then painted out the rest of the background. The flowers are loosely drawn with acrylics on sheet music, and cut out. They are actually quite dimensional although the photo doesn't really show t

The two pix below show a window on the right-hand page. The first pix shows them closed, the bottom one shows them open.


 I'll be scanning more shortly, and post them ASAP. Hope you like them!

Coffee - aaah!

You can't beat a great cup of coffee!

I took this one with my phone at Costa Coffee, posted it to my PC and then played around with PicMonkey to get these great effects. Fun, huh?

I've also opened a Tumblr blog, which is just pix... You can also click on the button in the sidebar...


I've worked out the perfect storage for those little Twinkling H2O and Cosmic Shimmer watercolour paints. They're difficult to store because they're tiny, and to use them you need to take the lids off.

The CD case closed, with all the paint inside
Case open, with the 1st layer lifted out, showing the second layer as well

A plus is that the lids are interchangeable, and fit either brand, although the Twinkling H2Os are see-through and the Cosmic Shimmer lids are black. It's just as well the lids fit either paint, as I can never remember which is which!

The case with all 3 layers taken out

I've use a short CD stack for my storage. This comfortably takes 2 layers of paint, and I've fitted 15 paints in here. One layer is my 'brights' and the other my 'darks' (to keep it very simple) and these little palettes sit on a desk comfortably.

Very bottom layer has tape glued underneath, forming handles

I arranged my paints on top of blank CD discs, those totally transparent ones you find at the bottom of the package, which are unusable (just for storage).

I then attached each paint with a good amount of Diamond Glaze underneath (Glossy Accents would work just as well). These are dimensional glues, dry totally transparent, so you can see the names of the colours - and not only does the glue fill in the lip under the case of the paint (meaning no gaps between it and the CD disc) it also allows enough drying time to adjust the positioning.

I attached both layers this way.

Very bottom layer. The 'handles' will tuck inside the outer case when it's all put together

The bottom-most layer is totally blank, with a piece of tape glued underneath, forming 'handles' to lift it out (and the bottom layer of paints with it). I've done it this way as there's always a rim on the case, to screw the lid onto - which sticks up just that little bit too far to be able to get your nails underneath that bottom layer. Which means you'd have to pick the layer up by one of the paints, and the danger it might become unglued.


When using this type of paint - a solid cake, highly pigmented with mica added for the shimmer, there's a trick to using it.Spritz with water, and allow this to sit for at least 10 seconds - this activates the paint much quicker.

When you've finished, wait until the paint is completely dry before putting the lids back on, or the cake will liquify, and if it's on a tilted surface, you'll find it will have all flowed to one side of the container!

Both types of paint will adhere to pretty much anything (MDF, Kraft and chipboard, leather, fabric and of course paper).

Hope you found this idea useful.
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