Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I thought you might like to see how the squares are made for these cushions.

The colourful squares below are the traditional Granny Square, although I've changed the border of  one (2nd from right at top in the photo). The plain squares are just one stitch: Double Crochet (UK) or Single Crochet (US) worked in rows rather that a round.

TOP RIGHT: I crocheted two rows of Double Crochet (UK) or Single Crochet (USA), one blue and the other white. As you can see, it gives a very firm edge as well as a bit of a different look but without changing the size or shape.
Here's a really easy-to-follow YouTube video by Navy Louise (UK instructions)

And here's a great YouTube video from Fibre Flux (US instructions)

Text and stepped photographs for Granny Squares

Here's my blog post for my huge Granny Square cushions, if you'd like to see them.


Simple and straightforward Double Crochet (UK) or Single Crochet (US).

Here is the UK version on YouTube by Crochet Hooks You:

and the US version by TLC Inspirations:

Text and stepped photographs:
UK and US instructions are on this blog post by The Stitch Sharer

Crochet terms are different in the UK and USA, so I've given links for the squares in both UK and US terminology, so you can follow the tutorial that best suits you. Here's a good post by About Home, which explains the difference and gives you both sets of terminology.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016


This was a really boring and slightly ugly wooden CD/storage spinner ... till I got my hands on it!

Here's how I did it...

Step 1 - removed the shelves
Step 2 - unscrewed the turntable mechanism
Step 3 - gave it a really good wash and a light sanding, to provide a key for the paint

I used Rust-o-leum Chalk Paint, two coats overall, including under the shelves
Done! Two coats of chalk paint, then stamping with a foam stamp and Artist Quality acrylic paints by PaperArtsy in several colours: Ice Blue, Guacamole, Lime and Chalk White
The inside of the shelves - I painted them top and underneath, and stamped on top, as well as the sides and back of the inside.
The top

This takes CDs, Prima sprays, Dylusions sprays etc - and it spins around! Great space saver.
Plenty of room for PaperArtsy paint bottles - also fits Martha Stewart paints etc.

I think it's a whole lot prettier than the original brown varnished wood. And the more beat up it gets, over time, the more Shabby Chic it's going to look!


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

UP-cycled MDF paper&card holder No 2

Here's my other MDF paper holder, all painted and crackle glazed and hand stamped. I used artist quality acrylics throughout.

This is my second paper/card holder - prepped and painted the same way as the first - but stamped completely differently.

I've used the same stamp, but applied slightly differently so that they match but aren't identical. After all, these are both hand-decorated, not mass produced! So each is one of a kind, but they still go together.

The little drawer is a useful addition for bits & pieces, and can be moved to any shelf as needed.

I really love this stamp, had it a few years and went to buy another one in case this one wears out (it's foam) only to find it's been discontinued! Don't you just hate that?

The top pic showed the drawer in the middle; this one shows the drawer at the bottom.

And of course I had to decorate the back as well! This kind of DIY is really addictive...

See my post below for the other little unit.


Sunday, 10 April 2016

UP-cycled MDF paper/card holder

I've turned this boring MDF paper/card holder into something a lot more fabulous!

This paper holder has 6 shelves and 1 drawer insert (which can be moved to any position)

I painted a base coat of a soft sage green, added a crackle finish with a top coat of white.

I then overstamped using a huge foam stamp and a combination of sage green, two shades of soft blue, and an antique white.

I stamped the top, back, sides and drawer. If you're going to decorate something, you just have to take it to the max, lol...

I had so much fun with this one that I decorated my other one (see my next post)!


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I've been journalling ...

Spread from the ZOMBIE journal

This is a magazine picture, very much embellished with a lot of crackle, diamante, ink etc, plus hand journalling. Once an ad for perfume or something, she's now a vampire (the theme of the Zombie journal is the Undead).

This is the journal - I used the original covers of this hardback book - chosen purely because of the cover, which I couldn't resist... I gutted the book and added my own papers, sewn over tapes, to construct a blank journal.

I've been working in this bit by bit as the muse takes me (and I see a pic that's perfect to use, etc).

This seems to be very timely, as we've just had Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, and now 'Pride + Prejudice + Zombies' has just been released. I've been working on this journal for around 18 months on and off, so I was ahead of my time, lol.