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This is my first Pink Saturday post for ages - time has a nasty habit of slipping away.

This week I'm posting early - tomorrow (Saturday) is the stamp show at Alexandra Palace in London - all I'll say about it is: bring a suitcase (on wheels) and a lot of money. Can't wait! I'm going with an open mind, which is always fatal...

Here's my current favourite display picture showing a great way to mix mirrors and pictures:

From Homes&Gardens
And the desk I'd like....

From Homes&Gardens
Just think - pull down the roller top and hide all that mess! And a nice drawer for paperwork instead of little piles here and there... Love that birdcage by the lamp (always wanted one). This is my kind of decorating: nice pieces, nice clean look. Shame I never seem to achieve it! Lots of designers say Less Is More. In my case, More Is More.

Here some pix of the most amazing chair - the chair will be translated into a album or book at some point, I'm sure.

Chair copyright Sarah Louise Dix
Chair copyright Sarah Louise Dix
I did this album (now sold) with exactly that cross-garter effect stitching.

Copyright Susie Jefferson
View from front - copyright Susie Jefferson
And this is an altered book spread I did a couple of years ago:
Left-hand page closed - copyright Susie Jefferson
Left-hand page open to show extension. Note the cross-garter ribbon effect at the top of the pockets and the right of the page. The slide mounts show a detail of the corseted woman (on the left page) and are mounted over the magazine cover.
There's definitely a theme re corsetry here... an obsession I didn't realise I had! Although I do remember going to school wearing a roll-on girdle and stockings - about two years later they introduced tights (panty hose). What a revelation! Freedom! Comfort!

pink saturday

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  1. Kathie @ Just a Happy Housewife24 September 2010 at 21:46

    I absolutely love that cats would rip that ribbon to shreds ;-)

  2. Enjoyed reading that Susie, you get some great pictures, your book looks amazing. Enjoy Alli pally wish I could be there

  3. oh wow these are such beautiful pictures,and that album its just stunning gosh really love that effect,brilliant I am off to Ally pally on sunday never been before,are you going Sunday,love cheryl xxxxxxxx

  4. What a fabulous pink Saturday post!

  5. Well, I am in love love love with that chair. Popped over to see the other items, oh my goodness!

    Love your album. I'm in awe of such creations.

    Hope you are doing well!!!

  6. Hi Susie, Have fun at your sale, I love/hate when I know I'll be dying for something unique at a sale but my pocketbook can't handle it! I totally understand your point of view. I'll hope you find something unique and at a great price! I love your pictures today too with the lovely vintage mirror display! I might copy that in a small scale for myself here at home! Love your books too, the corset stitching is beautiful! Happy PS! Suzie

  7. Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents25 September 2010 at 06:52

    Happy PS, sweet friend! LOVE the grouping of mirrors (no big surprise there!) as you know how I feel about vintage mirrors! Gee, that corseted chair has me drooling, as does your adorable corseted edged journal!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  8. So creative and fun! I like your Pink selection today!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do These Shoes Match this Purse?"

  9. someplace in thyme25 September 2010 at 15:46

    Hi Suzie, lots of pretty going on in here today. Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your day. Would love to see what you find, Char

  10. Hi Susie - like you I've been swamped with stuff and traveling constantly all Summer so my Pink Sat. post is also my first in several weeks. I've just opened a space in a local antiques shop - working hard to get set up, a lot of fun and hopefully I'll sell along with my booth partner. You can see pics on my blog.

    Love your album - you are so amazing when you create. The hanging of pics over mirrors is a great idea - may have to steal that one!

    Oh yes, I remember girdles too - what horrors! Now I 've even thrown away pantihose - but kept a few pairs of those great M&S thigh highs for theatre nights when the odd skirt comes out of hiding and the pants stuffed in the closet for a few hours!!!

    Hope life is good in London - we're still roasting in North Carolina - 90+ every day!! Roll on Autumn cool days say I.
    Hugs - Mary

  11. Hi, Susie...I love love love all your pretty pinks here. Love those frames and mirrors...and the album you made is just precious. You are such a talented lady...and I thank you so much for all your blog help. I have my pink fairy dust waiting in the wings until I get in that mood.:)
    I just finished changing my blog dress and it took me all afternoon and why, I don't know. One thing, I had to read all the instructions from Blogger to be able to use their templates and backgrounds...I like the look right now but in the morning, I'll think..."what WAS I thinking?"
    xo bj

  12. You have a very interesting post for today. I enjoyed visiting and seeing so many different things you enjoy. Great pink show.

  13. Hi Susie! LOVE the arrangement and combinations of mirrors and pictures, and that desk is sweet! It looks more like a size I am looking for myself. The one I have is just a smidgeon too big; but it's o.k. for now, till I find that perfect something someday. I did at least get a new bed coverlet and pillow shams today though, so I'm feeling quite happy enough about THAT!.. Love that criss-cross garter effect you mention! I have a light jacket that has them on the sleeves!.. but it sure looks cute on that chair, and in all your own beautiful work too!.. Hope you're enjoying the stamp show!!! It sounds like fun!!... ((hugs)) ~tina

  14. Hi Susie,

    I love the mix of art with the mirrors. I've found some old windows that were salvaged out of a house from the early 1900's. I'm going back to get some next week..there are a lot of them and several sizes. I want to hang them on the high section of the cathedral ceiling in my great room.

    I came across that Pink chair a while back and forgot to save it and then lost it...too funny! It shows up over here..haha I do totally ♥ it. :0)

    I also love your altered books. I'm emailing you about the fonts.

    Thanks for visiting with me today,
    Stephanie ♥

  15. What a neat show to get to attend! in London, no less ;)

    I remember wearing girdles and stockings. A lost art ;)


  16. IIIIII WWWANNNT THAT CCCCHHAIR!!!!!!!!!! really. I can guarantee you I will not rest until I have found (2nd hand store time) & created a chair like that for my very own. love love love. Oh my Susie, you've just created my newest obsession! Hope you had a great time at the stamp show. May you have returned home with TWO suitcases.
    Licks & Wags, Niki

  17. I enjoyed your lovely things. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  18. Hi sweet Susie, love the images you posted are so talented..thanks for sharing and hope you had fun at the sale!


  19. I'm with you, more is more! I just can't seem to get rid of all that extra "stuff" either!
    Love the corset chair, how fabulous is that.
    Happy Pink Susie, it was wonderful to hear from you!


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