Springtime in Paris - copyright Susie Jefferson

Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate, I've found these fabulous videos on YouTube... one of my favourite songs: light-hearted, lyrical and makes me think of Paris in the Spring time, the ultimate in romance.

Here's the original version by the incomparable Al Bowlly (1932)

This one is a great example of a wonderful after-supper performance (with some great conversation during the bridge between the verses).

Here are the lyrics - these will make the most wonderful journal page:
Love Is The Sweetest Thing (1932) - Al Bowlly

Love is the sweetest thing
What else on earth could ever bring
Such happiness to ev'rything
As Love's old story.

Love is the strangest thing
No song of birds upon the wing
Shall in our hearts more sweetly sing
Than Love's old story.

Whatever heart may desire
Whatever fate may send
This is the tale that never will tire.
This is the song without end.

Love is the greatest thing
The oldest yet, the latest thing
I only hope that fate may bring
Love's story to you.


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