Photograph copyright Craft Stamper magazine

I've got a project in Craft Stamper magazine (May 2011) - and I got the front cover, too!

Photograph copyright Craft Stamper magazine

OK, to be fair, you'd need your glasses on to see it, so I've helpfully highlighted it (there's no end to my modesty, lol lol lol) as I thought you'd like to see it in all its glory.

Full view
Showing closeup of stitching with velvet ribbon

Closeup, showing dimension of butterflies and curled film strip
Inner cover - handmade Onionskin paper

Here are the closeup photos I promised when I originally posted this on the BladeRubber blog. It would have been sooner, but I only got the album back last week.

Hope you like it! It's now listed on eBay, for sale. SOLD


  1. Hi Susie, wow !!! congrats on the publishing and about time too ! ... your work with books and book binding is fantastic and thats a gorgeous project. I am off to give it an airing on fb now .... have a lovely week

  2. Fabulous Susie..hope it brings you lots of sales :D XXX

  3. Fantastic Susie...x CONGRATULATIONS, frame that

  4. Absolutely fantastic June !!!!! Love it and congrats............Hugs

  5. Hello Susie,

    Love it, congrats!!!



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