Sometimes you need some artwork in a hurry - I needed something to say 'Thank You' to people who bought my albums on eBay earlier this week. So (to me) the ideal thing was a tag. Two tags, in fact. Here's how...

Tag- Early Days
Early Days Part 1 - tag

How I made 'Early Days Part 1':

I took one medium size ordinary manilla shipping tag and applied PVA (white glue) and a single layer of napkin tissue (the top layer only, with the design on). I smoothed this over the tag, allowed it to dry THEN trimmed off the excess (so it didn't tear). On top of this, I applied vintage lace (left side) and a small vintage photo I printed off. Then I finished off with some German Scrap stars and cut phrases from an old book text. Plus a little bit of satin ribbon.

The good days
The good days are here

How I made 'The Good Days Are Here':

This was a black tag I'd already stamped with some birds, but wasn't convinced about... so I used the birds as a background. I then tore and pasted down old dictionary text, layered over that with some rather gorgeous wide black lace and then a photo I downloaded from art-e-zine and printed off. I then cropped with scissors to get the portion I wanted to use (keeping the other 3 ladies in the pic for another tag). Finally, I cut and layered text from a vintage children's book (these often have larger print) to make the message I wanted.

Because they're an interesting shape, tags don't need a ton of embellishment. So this makes them quick, easy and perfect for bookmarks or as embellishments for books, cards or journal pages. You can never have too many bookmarks!

In fact, I've had some tags I've used for bookmarks stolen! That's what happens when you leave your book to go and get another coffee in a crowded coffee shop.


  1. Love the tags Susie, especially the second one! The photo in particular....going to have to visit the link and see what all is there.
    Off to check pralines I just finished making....catch ya later!


  2. Thanks Anne! Yes, check out art-e-zine - there's some brilliant pix, and all copyright-free (donated by readers) including some by DJ Pettitt. And some out-of-this-world tutorials and art work. It's a MAJOR resource.

  3. These are fab Susie and I am dead chuffed as I got a great tag off you too


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