Christine's completed makeover - now named Brewed Adornments

Just finished another makeover, my second one for Christine (I also did the previous one, below).

Same blog, same url - but what a difference! Christine's muse now gone in a different direction, working with bottlecaps, and the makeover (top) really reflects her new vision.

I'm so happy I remembered to do a 'before' screenshot - I usually forget, til it's too late, lol.

For this makeover, Christine wanted to do a lot of the work herself, so I supplied the tutorials where needed. Christine did a basic layout of what she wanted for the header - then I played around with it, did the lettering and sent it back, and Christine sorted out the final layout herself, combining some of her ideas and some of mine. I think it works very well.

My next step was to use my Serif programme to slice the header into sections to transfer them into Intelligent Frames - which means any time Christine wants to change the photographs, all she has to do is drag&drop them and they'll click right into position, automatically resized etc. Magic! Of course, both parties have to have the same software... I have CraftArtist and Christine downloaded the freebie version at her end.
All the bottlecap links, buttons and sidebar headers are my artwork, and that wonderful distressed background is Christine's. I think it's been a great collaboration, and fits Christine's jewellery designs perfectly. All the jewellery used bottlecaps on one way or another: cuffs, pendants, necklaces (with crystals!), earrings etc. A very original idea, and beautifully executed. She has some amazing items in her Etsy store (I hope you notice the new header...)


  1. I was a great collaboration and, as always, Susie you are an excellent teacher (equal parts knowledge and patience). I love the new blog layout we created and am slowly plugging away at the website. Not only did I receive a great layout, but I know have a wealth of tutorials for maintaining it and improving it as time passes.

    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Bless you - it was a great collab and lovely to see it all taking shape. Can't wait to see what you do with the website!

  2. Susie, Wow, I can't believe all the new and wonderful things you are doing. I love ephemera. I was long forever browsing through your images. I love your work. Although I love to paint, I am a geek at heart and love everything digital. Your designs are incredible. Your teaching on Blogging for Beginners is wonderful. Now collaborating, you are amazing.

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. Hello Susie, my name is Cristina, nice to meet you.
    I was looking for a background for my blog Christmas and I found your wonderful blog(
    I was undecided because all your backgrounds are amazing but then I chose the background: Christmas in White & Gold, I love it!
    I would appreciate your visit,if you like...
    I saved your banner and I joined your followers.
    Thank you for the beautiful creations you soon.
    A big hug and a kiss from me.

    1. HI Cristina

      I'm delighted you found a background you like, and am so happy you're going to use it. Thanks so much for following, and a big hug back to you!

  4. Miss your creative updates, Susie, especially during this season. Hope you have some treats for us soon. ;)

  5. Thanks so much Marcia - it's nice to be missed! It's because I've just been SO BUSY - things have been so frantic that I just haven't had a chance to do any of my own stuff. But I promise to catch up soon.


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