Chirstmas Angel dress form

Feather wings, to which I've added gilding leaf - plus a feather butterfly, gilded snowflakes etc

I thought you might like to see my Christmas Angel dress form, where I've used a Kraft form by Indigo Blu.

Here's a lovely quote I found, which I rather like: 

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale

And another view of the dress form:

Lots of flat back 'crystal' stones all round the top of the bodice
and the back of the form:
I've stamped and embossed onto moldable plastic, and bent the shape before it cooled
Closeup of the quote (by Indigo Blu)

Hope you like it!

 The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly. ~G.K. Chesterton

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  1. LOVE your dressforms! Very pretty!.. Hope you're enjoying this wonderful holiday season! ((hugs)) ~tina


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