Friday, 24 January 2014


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Oh joy, oh delight, oh wow... the new computer arrived yesterday, and I'm happily loading up all my stuff again - and actually writing a blog post too!

This baby is wonderful - totally silent, and so responsive. I'm happier than a very happy person (I was going to say 'pig in s***t' but maybe that's rude, lol). Without constant crashes, I might actually be able to get some posting done!

A lot of the trouble with the old computer was updating from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and even with the upgrade to 8.1 it was still very unstable. You'll notice I have regressed BACK to Windows 7, and it's a great relief to be using something familiar and totally reliable.

I remember when everyone loved loved loved Windows XP (another solid and reliable programme which Windows now no longer supports - any support terminates in April this year, so there'll be no more security updates etc). Everyone hated Vista (lots of hiccups and teething troubles). Everyone loves loves loves Windows 7. And now Windows 8 is the one with the hiccups and teething troubles. Seems it skips a generation each time (Windows ME got a lot of complaints too).

So call me a dinosaur, but I'm sticking with Windows 7. If it ain't broken...

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  1. I agree Susie, sometimes I wish they would leave well alone!! Enjoy your new pc. Cindy


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