It's been quite a week - I had to completely reboot the computer (twice) as it somehow developed a time lag inbetween typing something, and seeing it appear anything up to half a minute later. Very disconcerting!

Still, there's nothing like a good clearout, and the old machine is now skipping around like a newborn lamb, October or not... so I've been playing with Photoshop again! I created a couple of Halloween headers and blog backgrounds (see the post further down) and for all the Pink Saturday ladies, I have done these two pictures which you might like to add to your blogs.

These are quite large but can be added to a sidebar as a picture, then you can tell Blogger to reduce the size to fit.

Or keep it large, and pop it in the main body of your blog. Just right-click to copy to your own computer.

I hope you enjoy them!

Click this link to visit Beverly's blog How Sweet the Sound to read the rest of the Pink Saturday posts.


  1. Sweet pink post. I need to go in and learn more about Photo Shop myself. Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad to hear things are running smoothly again!

  3. It sounds like you are having difficulties! I saw your new backgrounds and they are so much fun, the pretty pink buttons are too! Happy Pink Saturday and have a beautiful day!

  4. Beautiful post! Happy PS and wishing you lovely weekend.

  5. mythoughtsmyvoice17 October 2009 at 11:08

    Hello Susie,

    There's always something you have for the Pink ladies :-) The little girl is beautiful. I like her eyes :-)


    (starting to visit again after a long absence )

  6. These are so CUTE, Susie! Thank you! I've been so busy packing boxes, I HOPE to post tonight or tomorrow at the latest! Happy Pink Saturday, and enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  7. What a nice post. Everything looks really beautiful. I hope you are having a great day.

  8. Susie...Those are really pretty! Happy PS..and a great week ahead with a faster computer too!
    xo Tami

  9. I live in an area that has slooow internet connections--almost no connection! I understand your frustrations. Happy Saturday!

  10. Nancy @ La Chambre Rose17 October 2009 at 23:40

    I have been working so hard on my blogs and website I have totally neglected my blogging friends.

    I am so sorry about your computer, but you are correct, a good purging is always nice after a maddening slow down.

    Over on Computery...great background. Woo HOO! on that one.

    Love these graphics here, too.

    I'm thinking I may have to go to a two column and it is just so disturbing. Thinking about it. That great Prostores to go which is a TOTAL shopping point right to checkout is too large. And, I love it and want to keep it. Thinking...

    Have a wonderful last few minutes of Pink Saturday.

  11. Couture de Papier18 October 2009 at 00:10

    Thank you so sweet!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Sorry I'm a little late. Seems like when the sun is out I feel a desperate need to go outside and run errands or just life my face to the heavens and soak in the last rays before winter hits my neck of the woods.

    It's always so much fun to share in the pink goodness of the blogs gathered together for Pink Saturday. A collection of some of the nicest women and prettiest blogs in cyberspace!

    Wishing you a weekend filled with l♥ve and sunshine!

  13. someplace in thyme18 October 2009 at 01:57

    Susie, so happy you got your computor working the way it should. Mine could probably use a good cleaning as well. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  14. Thanks for visiting me. Isn't it awful when you are having computer problems - I always feel so helpless. Happy PS!

  15. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti18 October 2009 at 03:35

    Computers can be so fussy at times. Glad you got yours back to working well.

    I love the little girl in these pictures...she's so cute

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Thru Pink Curtains18 October 2009 at 04:08

    wow this is quite the interesting background, but this pink onion was a white onion that was pickles or something and just a shade of pink in it. pretty and delicate and good. well anyway thanks for posting and hope your week is great!!

  17. What a cute post. I'm so impressed that you can do all of that Photo Shop stuff. I guess if I'd try...but in the meantime, I'm going back to enjoying Pink Saturday. Have a great weekend!


  18. These are really lovely. I hope all the computer glitches are gone, and you can enjoy your work. I had a peek on your Etsy and I love how you created tutorials.



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