I know everyone loves photos of studios (and gets a vicarious thrill when someone's studio is in an even worse mess than their own). So here is my living room - artwork finished, and just packed up for the show (14 pieces) and this is what I have to tackle in the morning.

The "art" table...
I should explain - I have a table in the living room, with some shelving above. At the opposite end (either side of the fireplace) are two recesses - one with bookshelves, the other with my computer.

The bookshelf side.

I had to make little trails across the floor to get to my computer chair!
Now just stop laughing, and sympathise!


  1. OMG hun how much stuff have you got and how do you craft he he would love to have a rumage though love cheryl xxxxxxxx

  2. Carol at Serendipity26 November 2009 at 23:09

    I am not laughing....I am sympathizing....(snort)...


  3. OMG you just put happiness into my Friday ROFL My craft space used to be JUST LIKE YOURS!!

    Since moving house most of my stuff is still in boxes (made enough mess decorating)but I've no doubt once I get round to sorting the boxes I will once again be picking my way through the mess just like you :D

    Then I'll be laughing on the other side of my face eh :D

    best thing is though I'm learning to create again with minimum supplies and it's proving to be enlightening... pens and paper are so understated.

    Have a great weekend
    Chris xx

  4. Looks just like home!! LOL! This is what creativity looks like!

  5. Yep, you have won the prize for the untidiest craft room!


    Carol x

  6. Hope it all goes great!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. O Boy do I relate to that feeling - glad you shared I feel so much better!

  8. Finally..finally...finally !!!!!!!! Great grief..there is someone else with a craft area as chaotic as mine. You know, I don't intend such chaos..but that seems to be the way I work,thank you for showing your area.Now I can tolerate mine a day or so longer..and I'm not laughing. Really I'm not..but I am grinning. I feel so much better about my craft area now..:)

  9. I knew this would have you all feeling a lot better (when you stop snickering). Now for The Big Tidy-up...

  10. Oh my :DD And I thought I was messy!

  11. My name is CINDY......6 December 2009 at 21:25

    I never seem to stop tidying up my room, but 5 minutes and it's as bad as it was before!! I do sympathise, at least I can just close the door on mine (and often do!!)

  12. That's how my workroom and my studio and my work desk all ALWAYS look!!!!



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