A charming little video on what happens when our art obsessions run away with us!

This reminds me of last year when I knitted my scarf (the first thing I ever knitted since the age of 12 when I knitted a sweater for my Sindy doll - which took two solid weeks!). Far too long to reach the end of a row... so I used to crochet. However, I needed a scarf, so I made one with giant needles and fluffy yarn... found a couple of dropped stitches (I was on the last ball of wool, so nearly finished) and thought I'd unpick it.

HAH! Don't ever try to unpick fluffy stuff. I couldn't even SEE the loops (although you could have driven a bus through the holes the dropped stitches made).

Snow Day, Feb 2009 - wearing That Scarf
To cut a long story short (hysterical laughter) I threw a tantrum, threw in the towel, threw out the wool (which I kept unravelling, trying to find a spot where I could start knitting again - except the fibres were so kinked it looked horrible).

So I bought another 5 balls of wool and started all over again. Then, if you remember, it was a hot summer... so there was a 4-month hiatus before I finished the scarf. Anyhow, I didn't give up (which was amazing). I gritted my teeth and fought my way through every damned stitch and finally finished the beginning of December last year. Then we had SNOW - hooray! So my patience was rewarded.

And the moral of the story is... I'll stick to using knitting needles for piano hinge books and Japanese stab-bindings, thanks very much!


  1. such a charming video, thanks.

  2. Country Wings in Phoenix29 November 2009 at 21:16

    Oh Susie...
    How sweet was this. Thank you for sharing. I am so thrilled that you kept us those stitches, because it sure looks like you made a beautiful scarf, and it appears that you did need it. Finished in the nick of time. I have been told I have two left hands, so my 3 teachers gave up on me. They decided it was not meant to be.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. I love to come and visit. Hope you are preparing for the holidays and getting a few things done.

    Take care. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. Hahaahaaaa! I love this! I knit on production sets here in Los Angeles whenever we're in between takes. This video has inspired me! Thanks for sharing this and don't be surprised if I re-blog this. This is really entertaining! xoxo ~ GlamourBomb

    P.S. Would you look at your pretty new blog background!

  4. You go ahead and re-blog if you'd like to - this little video is a total gem! Glad you liked it.

  5. I love this story Susie. I never learned to crochet properly and have never tried knitting. I envy those who can do it because it looks so fulfilling. I have enough on my 'want to do' list already though. Love the video; too cute! That scarf is wonderful on you. We don't have much snow at all here in Mississippi so a cheap scarf takes care of us for YEARS here :-) I bought a $6 one just last month haha

  6. What a delightful video. Thanks Susie.

  7. I never learned to knit. We should have been learned that at primary school, but I just didn't get it. Once I throw the kitting needles (and my so called wool sucks) out of the window. :D

    You are very handy in many ways, Susie!

    By the way, I noticed that the funny video you posted is Finnish!

  8. Goodness! Small world, etc... Cartoons are definitely universal, and this one certainly didn't need any dialogue.

    Re crochet - both my grandmothers could crochet, and I also found it very easy. My mother could not crochet to save her life - but boy, could she knit! Fine wool, small needles, a month or three to do a sweater... I never had the patience to finish a row over 30 stitches! Takes too long! That scarf - I doubt there will be another one in my lifetime...

  9. LOVED this video - and I have to admit I'm always knitting scarves! Used to do more involved projects such as sweaters but, as you know, they just take too long.

  10. Oh boy!! I had such a laugh from this knitting video! I felt a bit like that when I knitted those 48 pixie hats, to make 2 advent calendars, in 2 weeks!!!
    Cheers Jo x


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