I'm starting off my Pink Saturday post with an introduction to a brilliant blog I just found tonight: The Old Glory Company.

Snowman Melting copyright The Old Glory Company

T'was the Night Before Christmas copyright The Old Glory Company

If you are a fan of primitive art, you'll love this company, which has patterns for just about anything you can imagine including altered book assemblages like the one above. They even provide the printable images and text!

Now for my own part of the post:
Here are some of the things I put in the gallery show: 4 canvases from my Kitchen collection, 16inches square if I remember (I should have measured them) which are acrylics, mixed media etc. I'm hoping they look edible! They were certainly a lot of fun to do.

Coffee Time   
all artwork copyright Susie Jefferson 
Coffee Time - closeup. I'm hoping you think the "sugar" looks realistic.
Two Cupcakes
Tea Time
Wish me luck! If these don't sell, they're going on to my Etsy site.

Go to Beverly's site - How Sweet the Sound - to see the rest of the Pink Saturday posts! Happy PS everyone - oh, and happy Thanksgiving for everyone in the USA.


  1. These are Fantastic, I love them!

  2. Susie, yes indeed these look edible! I'm going down to the kitchen to make a cup of hot tea. Now if I just had one of those little cakes!

    I like your work. Would love to see it hanging in the gallery. Best wishes for a successful show! ~ Sarah

  3. Hi, Susie. Me again. Stop by for a visit. I've left a "shout out" to your Pink Saturday post and your lovely work. Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Sarah

  4. These are fab and if you don't sell them I will eat them! lol Good Luck

  5. Lovely!! Sell it all!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Susie, I love the pinks you found to share with us today. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  7. The Quintessential Magpie28 November 2009 at 17:47

    Susie, I'm sure you'll sell it. It's darling and fun! Love the spoon on the one with the cup.

    Happy Pink Saturday from one Pinky who missed the boat this week. I didn't get my post done. Oops! ;-)



  8. Your canvases are fab! And I just love your blog - it's so exuberant. Please stop by for a visit if you get a chance. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Nancy @ La Chambre Rose28 November 2009 at 19:43

    I'm so happy you survived the preparations for the show. Of course, best of luck! However, I think they are all so wonderful! I'd buy them, if I could buy anything at all. :-)

    Yes, the twinklies are crashing my computer. I wasn't aware that Playlist actually crashed your computer. It is nice to know, and to know the reason. Thanks for that explanation. I was wondering how it all fit together.

    Hope you are somewhat rested and have had a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  10. Your art pieces are really unique and very realistic! Thanks for the new website to check out too! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

  11. I love these pieces from your kitchen collection.
    Beautiful artwork, sure they will sell. Best luck!

  12. Couture de Papier28 November 2009 at 22:12

    Beautiful Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Hi Susie! Your canvases are wonderful! Love each and every one. You are so talented and I'm sure they will be snapped right up! Happy Pink Saturday!


  14. They sure ought to sell!

  15. Oh yeah, they look good enough to make me want a cup of tea. I especially like the rosebuds with blue toile on the top half of the painting. I wish you luck! I also like the artwork by "Old Glory" was it? Happy Pink Saturday, Susie~

  16. I like all 4 of these; they're great!

  17. Well, YUMMMMMMM! Yes, they do look edible and now you have made me hungry! Love the spoon. Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. What fun artwork! I'm sure they'll sell in a flash Susie! Happy Pink and thanks for the tip about this site, I'll go and see it right away. Have a beautiful Sunday and I hope you get your pink tree!

  19. Love the pink canvases. Good luck selling them. I love your blogs and have added to my favorite places.

  20. Hi Susie, Your canvas's are fabulous...makes me

  21. Susie, these are fantastic. I wish you luck with the sale. I would definitely buy one. You have done wonderful work.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Thanks for finding my typo of your blog address. I must have been thinking Christmas cookies! Love your blog.

  23. someplace in thyme29 November 2009 at 15:19

    The old glory company from VA sells on ebay. The original owner sold this company last year and reopened a new one. There are new designs every year and the talent is perfect. She does such great work. The new owner is very much in touch with the first one. I have no idea if they are friends or not.
    What you have created is also perfect and I don't think you will have any trouble selling them. I love your art, it's beautiful, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  24. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti29 November 2009 at 23:41

    Thank you for the fabullous web site link!

    I hope your gallery show does well--your kitchen paintings are very realisitic and charming.

    Happy Pink!

  25. I love your artwork especially the cupcake canvas! Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday!!

  26. Hello Susie, Happy PiNk to you!

    I love all of your new work...especially the cupcakes and the tea. :0)

    I'll have to go check out the other website...the melting snowman is so cool!

    Have a wonderful week and do stop by when you get a free moment.

    Scatter Bliss...

  27. april o. @ the artchics30 November 2009 at 04:59

    LOVE Them!!! Thanks for visiting me. I am still sucked into Scrabble. The computer version is kicking my booty. Those 2 letter words are killing me as well. The computer scored 50 something off 2 two letter words. Have a wonderful week!

  28. My name is CINDY......6 December 2009 at 21:28

    Fantastic canvases - they look yummy!


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