All artwork copyright Susie Jefferson

I bet some of you are wondering how it went at my first art show. 

Pretty good actually - I had no idea what to expect so only took around a dozen pieces.

I sold 4, including the little shadow box "Lost in a Good Book" on the left.

You can just see it hanging on the wall, about halfway down, next to my other shadow box.

Closeup of decoupaged jewellery casket - this was recycled teak, with vintage Provencale china handles. It wasn't easy doing the insides!

The gallery owner is signing me up and has already asked me to leave some pieces and make a few more things for the gallery. Result!

You might recognise some of the albums...

You can just see two of my canvases up the top of the wall.

Closeup of "Coffee Time".


  1. wow hun you are a star really love that canvas,coffee time and that,chest is well stunning never seen anyting so beautiful love hugs cheryl xxxxx

  2. Congrats, Susie! Are you glad you participated after all?

  3. Cheryl - thanks so much. Doing inside the drawers was a headache, but so worth it!

    Laure - Yes, I am glad. Although I wish I had known exactly what to take. I'll know better for another time, that's for sure. And it's wonderful to have been asked to bring more art pieces, of course. Yeeehah!

  4. I am so glad you did well! I love your pieces! The coffee one is great! It is hard to know what people will want and when. I'm glad you can relax a bit now.
    Hugs, Lisa
    ps where did you get your twitter button? I keep trying to find them but have no luck.

  5. Glad you had a successful show. "Lost in a Book" looks like a piece I would enjoy living with. Thanks for sharing the show....Sarah

  6. Glad you did well with the art show. I don't know how you found the time! You must never sleep LOL! Congrats on the pieces sold and the invitation to bring more :-)

  7. Susie,

    Congratulations on the success of your show. What a great compliment to permanently show at the gallery. Your work is fabulous. I just came from Arty Retreat and I love June's new look....thanks to you.


  8. Hello Susie,

    I'm tickled PiNk for you! :0) I know that must have been fun and even better that you sold some stuff! Oh, and I love the PiNk Saturday button you made..I'll snag that for sure. :0) Too cute!!

    Have a great day,

  9. Susie, I am so glad for you, it is worth the extra mile, and to have stuff in the gallery is even better
    Hugs to you

  10. Congratulations Susie! That jewellery casket is stunning.

  11. Susie, I love the blue and white box, it's stunning, I would also love that coffee canvas on my kitchen wall, love it! Well done with the gallery, you must feel rather chuffed!

    Carol x


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