I've just designed some new headers and backgrounds with Christmassy & winter themes, if you'd like to look!
Here are the backgrounds
Here are the headers, plus an email button etc

I know some of you love my freebie headers, but aren't all that with the graphics packages - so I'm offering a custom header service for you. This means I'll add your blog name and one line of text to one of my premade freebie headers for a flat fee of $5.00 (I take PayPal) . This is a new idea I'm trying out, to see if there's any demand. Full details here in my sidebar.

Otherwise, check out my Etsy shop for details of my custom blog makeover packages.

Also new on Etsy: my tutorials for Japanese Stab-bound albums (6 variations) and Single Needle Coptic stitch books. End of advert, lol.


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