I promised you another makeover and here you are! 

This is Nancy's Linens and Laurel site. 

Nancy wanted a very clean look, similar to a website but not at all corporate, which isn't her style at all!

So I gave her two columns on the right (did you know right-hand columns load faster? Wonder why!) with the centre one being very narrow for two reasons:
a) not to overwhelm the blog (I really don't like two right-hand columns of equal size for some reason)
b) plenty of room in the left-hand column for pictures and to write (being cramped is awful)

I then threw in some shading behind the sidbar posts, outlined the sidebar headers, changed the post headers so the font size can be increased/bolded etc and put in a 3-column footer section. So there you have the main structure! Simple, chic and elegant if I do say so.

Nancy sells the most wonderful trims in her Etsy shop (and on eBay).  I for one am addicted to vintage bobble fringing ... which I'll be gluing/stitching to book covers, tags, cushions, scrapbook albums...


  1. Awwwww...I need to get busy and restock that shop! You are the best and the only person I know that has the one name recognition! All I had to say was "Susie did it!"

    Oooooo...Love that jagged edge Pink Saturday pic.

  2. Hello Susie; Love the blog page.. you did a great job.. I am sure she is loving it.... Have a great week.


  3. Love this! Very clean and easy to read without being sterile!! Great job, Susie!!

  4. You have a great design sense. Looks terrific! ~ Sarah

  5. You did a very awesome job. I bet she just loves it. I love blogs that have 4 pictures across the top like that. I don't have a photo shop to do one though. I probably wouldnt know what to do if I did. lol
    Thanks for the chance of winning something so lovely. Kath'

  6. Thanks so much Kath - yes, Nancy does love it. So do I - but I don't know if I can let go of the theatrical stuff just yet...

    Good luck in her draw!

  7. Fantastic Susie and i agree, one name recognition because you are ... Simply the best susie !!!!!!
    love ya xxxxx
    june xxxxx


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