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Terri left a comment for me re Blogger's new editor and the disappearing spell check facility. I know a lot of people are missing it!

I decided to investigate a little, and took a look on the Blogger help groups etc, and the concesus seems to be that you either download IE or Firefox's own spell checkers, or revert to the old Blogger editor. NOT satisfactory!

Personally, I'd hang fire for the moment as Blogger seems to be adding new widgets all the time - the New Page facility appeared out of nowhere just over 2 weeks ago. And there are thousands of complaints about the spell check disappearing.

Meantime - the solution!

If you download LiveWriter: for PC or for Mac - it has a spell check facility built into the programme (click Tools on the top toolbar when in LiveWriter) which saves a load of headache.

Hope this helps!


  1. Anne Huskey-Lockard26 February 2010 at 13:29

    Yes, yes, and I have pointed some others your way on this issue and the ost about the photo issues.
    With thanks from them, even if they did not comment!
    You're a whiz, my friend!
    And think about it---why would they get rid of a spellchecker???? Am I missing something? (obviously...)
    HAve a good one Susie!


  2. I think that it is easier to compose your blog on Live Writer, the photographs can be added in multiples and then you can change the size etc...

    As you say the spell checker is there, which is always handy, even if we think we are great spellers, there is often a senior moment when my mind goes blank!!

    I haven't quite got round to adding the pages widget, it doesn't look that easy although I see you have yours with pictures!! Very clever, a bit too advanced for me.

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  3. Good morning,

    I read this post yesterday and didn't quite understand, I continue to have "spell check" in Blogger. With advanced age my brain is slowing down, it didn't occur to me until last evening....I use Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. Firefox spell checks everything. Hubby switched to FF because his baseball Sims forum posts, were lacking spell check - a feature he dearly needed :-)


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