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I love these!  Very easy to do: use a gel medium (matt preferably, although I have used semi-gloss and gloss successfully) and smear onto the receiving surface (paper or a smooth fabric, eg: muslin, calico) with your finger - not too much!

This method works with: inkjet prints, newsprint, cheap (toner-based) photocopies.
This method is not very successful with glossy paper (ie: High Fashion magazines, travel brochures).

Place your image face down onto the wet gel and burnish well with the back of a spoon.  Work quickly, as this takes only around 30 seconds to start bonding.  Keep lifting an edge of the image to see whether it's "taking", and whip away the image as soon as it looks OK.

Copyright Susie Jefferson
And if you have enough of the transfer left over on the paper, you can collage this on the opposite page for (faded) reverse image. Two for the price of one!

If you have left it too long, and can't get the image off ... don't worry.  Allow it to dry completely, then wet the back of the image, using a sponge, and rub away with the pad of your finger.  Keep rubbing until you have all the "spills" removed - rewet if necessary - and the image will show underneath. If you allow it to dry and it's a bit cloudy, this means you still need to wet and rub - just a little longer.

This method is very hit & miss, but it's part of the charm!

Another way to make this work: photocopy or print onto an inkjet transparency. Use matte medium or gel medium on your substrate (receiving surface) and lay the transparency face down and burnish well. Leave alone for a couple of minutes, then peek to see if the transfer has taken.


  1. Tus trabajos maravillosos !!!!.Muchas gracias por tus tutoriales.BesitosFabi

  2. Pieces of Dreams28 March 2010 at 18:33

    Hi! This is my first time visiting and I am fascinated with your blog! Thank you so much...I have a lot more discovering to do today...guess I will be spending a good part of my day with you. Hope you don't mind (LOL).Thanks again, Karen


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