I’m very happy to report I finished the bathroom (all I need now are matching towels) and also the kitchen! How’s that for hard work.

I promised you pix – so here are the bathroom “before” photos. I still have to photograph the “after”.

Panning around the VERY SMALL bathroom, starting just inside the door (my back to the window).


Shower over bath, medicine cabinet at top of wall.





Looking down at the bath.Bath02

Panning to the right, looking at the loo and sink (where I was standing to take the photos).


Panning up to show the window. Towels to the right.


Hand towels and hanger. Door to the right.


Door closed, showing position of towel hangers. Window at top lets light into the hallway.


And back to where we started, having turned in a full circle.


Me, painting (the other pix were even worse). Which shows that you can use a roller to paint a door.


I have to say this picture upset me! I never realised I looked so fat – and so old. Or that I still had bruising from the eye op of a couple of weeks ago (the left one, that you can see). I think I will start wearing a brown paper bag over my head when in public!

More pix to follow in my next post (I’m trying out Windows LiveWriter again, so let’s see how it looks first).


  1. Where are the after pics???? This is going to be fun!

    As to the pic of you, we can't be "beautiful" all the time and most especially when we're painting the bathroom! If you looked glamorous we'd think you staged the photo and didn't really do the work!! ;•)

  2. Anne Huskey-Lockard11 February 2010 at 13:08

    Hey Susie,

    Per your comment on my blog the other day about the cold there; my husband used to be deployed for two weeks each summer to England and loved it. But he frequently commented that he did not know how the houses stayed warm if there was a cold snap, since over all, it is a more moderate climate.
    As to the photo, since my surgery, I have managed to acquire a very pleasant potbelly, I have bruises still surfacing from who knows where (and it was Dec 16th it was done!) and my skin has turned into something resembling an alligator!!! Body stress, I guess.
    So I think you look FINE!!! :) You look just lovely!


  3. Well, it was such a nasty shock to me that I needed medicinal chocolate and ice cream! I think I need to lose around 5 stone - yikes.

    The door came out flawless, you'll be glad to know. Although I had to do 3 coats in the end - moved the dust sheet and got dust all over the bottom half of the door after the 2nd coat, which had to be sanded off. So 3rd coat, I left the sheets down till it was completely dry. Duh!


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