Wonderful, generous Nancy of Linens & Laurels did a giveaway a little while back, and offered one of my headers as the prize.

CC at Lace'n'RibbonRoses was the winner, and is a biiiig Sunbonnet Sue fan. That's what she wanted for her header, and so that's what she got! I hope I captured the flavour...

Both ladies are really pleased, so that makes me a happy bunny too!


  1. Hello Susie; I love the header,,, you did a wonderful job.. Sun bonnet Sue is my favorite little girl.... what a lucky winner.....


  2. CollectIn Texas Gal16 February 2010 at 03:52

    I'm a follower of CC and her Sweet SunBonnet Sue Blog. I bet she is Sooooo Pleased! We Sue's know what other Sue's like....right Susie?

    Great job!

  3. All your headers are fab. I'm still VERY pleased with my blog makeover! x

  4. You did so well providing a fresh look for Sunbonnet Sue!

    Had to pop over to thekatrynwhell for another look-see. Marvelous, too.

    Thanks for the mention, and you will be the star of mine today since I'm going to mention the wonderful page tip!


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