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I've been busy, trying to catch up with things, and have put more tutorials on my Computery blog.

These included how to customise your headers, and just under the header you'll see a new page: Tutorials. This has all my tutorials listed by degree of difficulty.

Hope this helps!


  1. Thanks. You always have such good tutorials. How nice to have them all grouped.

  2. Christine's Beadworks16 February 2010 at 21:09

    I love your blog, it's definitely on my to do list to improve my existing blog. One thing I haven't found is how to make my blog wider without changing formats. I can get part way there, but the background doesn't quite follow and I really like my background (thistle). Anyway food for future thought.

  3. Susis!!! Thank you so much for the information on No.7 and how you like it. I'm simply amazed that it takes no m ore than a drop to put on my face. I also love the price of it - just $19.99 at Target stores. That is a fantastic price I think for something that has all the potential to work. I'm excited about it.

    The Dove?? I love the suds and the feeling of moistness it gives me. It's very, very drying here in the desert of Idaho, USA, and I need all the help I can get. But that Dove does make a difference. I have to go to bed at night with baby oil on my lips as it's so dry here.

    Also, I'll try and find that blue based lipstick you mentioned. I like very little color on my lips. The makeup women at the Macy's stores always try to put too much color on my lips and I hate it. I like very little color.

    Thanks for the insights, chickee!



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