The DIY Dish is up and running, and here is the very first brilliant project: an easy-peasy no-sew cake pincushion in felt, plus a variation using fabrics (very simple sewing).  

Aren't these fun?

Here's the link for the downloadable pdf with all the instructions (and more pictures).

If you go to the blog and enter their giveaways before 30th March, there are two Janome sewing machines and 10 pin cushion kits up for grabs! Open to non-US as well (but you do have to be over 18 years old).

Fantastic, no? And by the way, the twins are not related to Marie Osmond!

I'm definitely making one (or two) - so much better than the cracked plastic container with a bit of chewed-up sponge on top!


  1. Hi Susie -

    Weren't these cake pincushions adorable? I can see myself making them all the time - so easy! And they really do resemble the Osmonds - LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  2. LOL. the girl in the white jacket DOES look a lot like a younger Marie Osmond haha. LOVE the pincushions, so cute. Thanks :)

  3. Yay, yay! I just need to find all that fabric.

  4. mythoughtsmyvoice19 March 2010 at 05:37

    Hello Susie,

    Yummy! Cakes that are pretty and yummy to the eyes :-) I guess nobody has to worry about gaining wait here. Though I don't mind eating some LOL

  5. Hi Susie! These are ADORABLE!!! LOVE them, and will definitely have to try these sometime soon! Irish or not, I hope you had a very Happy St. Patrick's Day, and wishing you a most enjoyable weekend!! ((hugs)) ~tina

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