I just saw this brilliant idea! How many of you have this scrapbooker's tote, but aren't all that happy with it?  Dymphie at Papieren Avonturen has come up with the perfect solution to turn it from this (pink, floppy):

 Photo copyright Papieren Avonturen

to this! 

Photo copyright Papieren Avonturen

Dymphie's tutorial shows you how to make a SOLID drawer (using greyboard/chipboard/book board), which strengthens up the whole structure - and personalised it!

So if you aren't a 'pink' person, or it doesn't go with your studio decor, you can colour it exactly how you like it. I might just buy one of these now.


  1. thanks for linking to my blog Susie, really appreciated. It's not really a step-by-step tutorial, is it? Hope others will see how it is made with the few photos provided.
    I will make a step-by-step zigzag tutorial sometime in the next few weeks, promised :) But that's something completely different.

  2. Well Suzie what a brill idea, I have one of those and don't use it for that reason, will have to have a go. Will make it much sturdier


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