I've decided I must be a dilettante -I seem to flit from subject to subject, as it catches my eye. Does this make me fickle? Disorganised? Confused?

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The reason the subject has come up is because someone sent me an email, asking me what my blog is about! 

Well, it started off with just the one - the one you are reading now.  Then I read a tutorial somewhere that suggested you had a practice blog - so I figured if one could do that, that I could actually have extra blogs and link them up to my main one, like extra pages - something like a website.

As I was new to blogging (and completely self-taught re all this computer stuff anyway ) I didn't realise at the time that I needed to take the blogs off my Profile as well as adjust in Settings, to keep them private. So the upshot was that I had people following the other blogs as well! Therefore, instead of the one nicely organised blog I had envisaged, I ended up with multiple blogs to cover the various subjects I'm interested in. (Much as I'd love to reorganise, I feel it's too late now (and would be totally rude) to reorganise everything at this stage, and delete a load of faithful followers).

However, back to the subject in hand... I tend to post about whatever comes to mind, being a bit of a magpie. Links I think people will enjoy; new tutorials, and sometimes the odd bit of art work. Perhaps I should be posting MORE artwork? I have to say I've strayed rather toward the digital stuff lately - I'm very much enjoying creating blog backgrounds, headers etc, and it all takes time... I'm learning Photoshop as fast as I can!

But does this make me a dilettante, and is it a bad thing to be? And does a blog have to have fixed subject matter anyway? To reform... or conform... that is the conundrum!

The Oxford Dictionary definition


  • noun (pl. dilettanti /dillitanti/ or dilettantes) a person who dabbles in a subject for enjoyment but without serious study.
  — DERIVATIVES dilettantish adjective dilettantism noun.
  — ORIGIN Italian, ‘person loving the arts’.


  1. Great thoughts here Susie and I feel the same way, I know one thing, you are not disorganized, you couldn't possibly hold together all you do if you were. I think its refreshing to have so many different things to see and do and ask that you never change Susie, everyone i know loves your blogs, all of them
    hugs June xxxxx

  2. Not a bad thing at all..(wink) I enjoy all your blogs.. You are a sweetheart to share what you've learned with us.. Helping us to be better informed bloggers.. Thank you so much, Susie..

  3. CollectIn Texas Gal23 April 2010 at 19:09

    You just keep on Doin UR DillyDally Diletanti and Flitin from Blog to Blog to Blog...you're Dabblin' is Devine!

    I'm crackin up at the dictionary format....I did the same thing on Gard.en and Gard.en.ing. I guess it's another SueThingie!! And if you want a real novice explanation of the WolrdWideWeb, you might want to take a look....believe me you are from Texas to the UK ahead of this Girl Raised in Texas.

  4. Anne Huskey-Lockard23 April 2010 at 19:52

    I think that everyone's blog should reflect what interests THEM.....end of story! I love coming here because of all the different things to see, learn, consider, and then know it's waaaaaay past my ability! LOL!!!
    Just do what you do,and if that is being somewhat dilettantish, so be it!!!


  5. VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier23 April 2010 at 20:05

    Hello,dear Susie!-)*

    You are SURE a person ''loving the arts'' and I see you as a amzing good person and Friend here,wich helps all of us to make the blogland more and more nicer!!!
    Anad I wil to say you,dear Susie that I am always enjoy you blog and I am really grateful for you,my great Friend from these wonder blogland world!!!-)*

    Thank you,much Love,

  6. Susie Jefferson23 April 2010 at 20:36

    Aawwwwwww - bless you one and all! I feel really humble... and you've really cheered me up. I thought I was doing it All Wrong, and everyone was hating it - or I was getting boring...

  7. Susie.. If it was up to me??.. I'd say, "DON'T CHANGE A THING!!" We all love you, and all your blogs! (0; When you have a lot to show and say, then I think the various blogs help a scatterbrain like myself to find those things easier! ((hugs)) ~tina

  8. Dear,sweet Susie..
    Never,ever change. Don't change a thing!!! You're just perfect being who you are and your other blogs are just wonderful as well. There is always so much to see..I love the way you present different things for us to enjoy. We love you just as you are Susie..being Susie.

  9. Susie Jefferson24 April 2010 at 19:36

    Tina, CC - all I can say is BLESS YOU!

  10. Me, too! That is a much more sophisticated description and I believe I will use it! We are all so happy you post on the "find of the day" whether it be a tutorial, images, freebies or a link.

  11. Rose ~Victorian Rose ~26 April 2010 at 05:48

    ( SMILING)..because I am the same way...it is called AADD....Adult Attention Deficit Disorder... !
    That is also why I called my blog "Delightful Clutter"....it's just whatever comes to my mind and heart to post.
    Each of OUR OWN blogs should be that way way...not just following the blog ahead of us.

    You have a talent....be proud of it.



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