Are you having trouble with your customised widgets?

Anne at El Milagro Studio emailed me, and sent me this link from Rita at Coffee Cup, highlighting a new problem with Blogger's messing around with all the templates since forcibly introducing the new Design Template.

 Here's how to solve your problem:

Auto widget 
(where the header is put in automatically by Blogger, eg: Labels, Followers, Blog Archive)

I went to my Blade Rubber blog and deleted the Labels widget. I then reinstalled it as a new widget, and moved it under my fancy Labels header (entered as a Picture). Of course it showed another Labels header in the title section - I don't want two, so I deleted it then tried to Save.

I didn't get the following error message: Required field must not be blank - so just went ahead and Saved it. It's fine!

However:  you may get the error message (I did for my Visitors widget - at the bottom of this blog). In that case, just type in the code (shown below) and it works perfectly!

Personalised widget 
(html widget where you can add your own title - or not - like grab buttons, scrolling marquees, where you may have a fancy header entered as a Picture, etc)

I removed the header from my own grab button - and immediately Blogger will not allow it - Blogger says you have to have a title, and showed this error message: Required field must not be blank
Here's how to make an invisible one!

Copy and paste this code:

Put it in the header section of your widgets (worked out by Rita at CoffeeCup) - and it worked like a charm!

Problem solved. Thanks Rita!
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