Are you having trouble with your customised widgets?

Anne at El Milagro Studio emailed me, and sent me this link from Rita at Coffee Cup, highlighting a new problem with Blogger's messing around with all the templates since forcibly introducing the new Design Template.

 Here's how to solve your problem:

Auto widget 
(where the header is put in automatically by Blogger, eg: Labels, Followers, Blog Archive)

I went to my Blade Rubber blog and deleted the Labels widget. I then reinstalled it as a new widget, and moved it under my fancy Labels header (entered as a Picture). Of course it showed another Labels header in the title section - I don't want two, so I deleted it then tried to Save.

I didn't get the following error message: Required field must not be blank - so just went ahead and Saved it. It's fine!

However:  you may get the error message (I did for my Visitors widget - at the bottom of this blog). In that case, just type in the code (shown below) and it works perfectly!

Personalised widget 
(html widget where you can add your own title - or not - like grab buttons, scrolling marquees, where you may have a fancy header entered as a Picture, etc)

I removed the header from my own grab button - and immediately Blogger will not allow it - Blogger says you have to have a title, and showed this error message: Required field must not be blank
Here's how to make an invisible one!

Copy and paste this code:

Put it in the header section of your widgets (worked out by Rita at CoffeeCup) - and it worked like a charm!

Problem solved. Thanks Rita!


  1. I have gotten some "help me" from bloggers also. I ask them if they saved their old template. NO! Then they cry a bit, but there is a work around. Find a blogger who has a template you like and ask them to share their template and go back to that one. It's worked, but how many times can you tell them to "save, save, save" and then they don't! Hmmmm????
    May be getting in touch for help with something. Don't know if I'm going to do it yet though.

  2. Hi Susie! I haven't noticed this problem yet, but thanks for the warning!.. And I'll say it again.. You're our hero!! We love ya!.. LOVE the graphic of the little girl kicking and screaming too!.. Looks like me after I burned the garlic bread last night! (0; ha! ha! ((hugs)) ~tina

  3. Hi sweet Susie...
    That little screamer is so me..... I'm figuring out problem by problem..for some reason,blogger is just eating me up. I think some of my problem is my own's due to some major pain in my back.I think the new blogger mess has caused that as
    I've missed seeing you..hope all is well.
    Love and hugs from Texas..CC


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