Lots of makeovers to show you!

Firstly, yet another blog - this is my personal diet journey. I've gone public, in the hope it keeps me to the straight and narrow (hysterical laughter) and I definitely need to do a header just as soon as I have some time...

Extra Portions
I heavily personalised this Template Designer layout, just to see how adaptable they are
 Sorry for not posting for a while... as usual, Life happens.

First, my old computer (6 years & counting) crashed yet again, despite the fact I nurse it like a baby... took me 3 days to reload everything... and then I did my back in. OK to walk, stand or lie down - but not OK when sitting (and getting up again). So only essential computer work got done.. FOUR (count 'em - four) makeovers in the last 10 days! And I feel I've done my best work yet.

Here they are:

Useless Beauty Designs

A blog for a fellow artist - who makes wonderful and unusual clothes
Maximum Embellishment
Stunning, magical... with a twinkly Fairy Wand cursor effect
Pinxton Craft Club
Purposely left a white background, as this client loves to swap her backgrounds around A LOT
Polymer Play Days
For the same client, again white, to take advantage of all those freebie backgrounds out there! With two signatures in the code, as this blog is shared by Helen and Cathryn

And some I made earlier, that you haven't yet seen:

This one shows one of the new Template Designer layouts
Linens and Laurels

Nancy then commissioned me to change her 3-col, 2 right-sidebar blog to a wide 2-col:

Which just goes to show what a difference a little tweaking makes! This wide 2-col format gives a lot of elbow room, so you can have really big photos.

I've noticed there is a definite trend towards white backgrounds - the secret is not to have things TOO minimal - you need lots of colour in there as well. And all the bells and whistles: email button, and/or blinkie, grab buttonnumbered comments, a great signature, post dividers... all these dress up a blog and are definitely noticeable - but without overwhelming the star of the show - the actual post!

Follow my tutorials to do it yourself - or call in an expert (me? check my shop on Etsy).


  1. Susie these are all gorgeous. I love the fairy one its so pretty and i am a fairy fan lol
    hugs June xxxxx

  2. Anne Huskey-Lockard26 July 2010 at 15:45

    As usual Susie....>WONDERFUL!!!!
    I think we all have been MIA this summer; don't know how it is across the pond but here it has been like Dante's Inferno. I am a slug!
    And the three pounds you lost? Well I am sure they found *me*....ahem!
    Lazy seems to describe me the best. L-A-Z-Y.
    Love your new designs, especially the one with the fairies!


  3. Marianne@Songbird26 July 2010 at 18:18

    You are one talented cookie! Sorry to hear about your back, I have been there! Hope you are feeling better and I hope your old computer will hold on a bit longer for you.
    Great to see you posting again!

  4. Ilove the fairy one too Susie, you have been busy my dear.
    Hope your back is better

  5. Queen of Dreamsz27 July 2010 at 08:07

    Hi Susie,

    I love all of them. I love my white background just seems to be easier for me since I love so much color splashing around and I seem to like to make different headers to change up.

    I've not been blogging a lot this summer due to all the projects in the far, the studio and the main level is finished other than curtains and lots of small sewing projects. All of the painting is finished. YAY!

    Glad you are staying busy...hope your back is better soon. My computer is not even two years old and has given me grief several times already.

    I'll go take closer looks at your makeovers..they all look really nice.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥


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