Here are some more makeovers you haven't seen:


Arty Retreat- using some of June's own fabulous artwork for the background and header.

Fundametals - which is actually 5 separate blogs, all welded together into ONE humungeous website!

The Kathryn Wheel - incorporating Kate's own artwork for header, buttons etc.

Marked By The Muse - where I did all the coding etc. These are Stephey's own header & background designs.

Queen of Dreams - again, I did all the coding and Stephanie used her own designs

and this blog has the most STUFF I've ever seen! Here's Stephanie's layout as I coded it...

Layout coding copyright Susie Jefferson

and here is what Stephanie has packed into it:
Layout coding copyright Susie Jefferson - widgets copyright Stephanie Queen of Dreams
I actually had to piece this together from 3 separate screen shots! Way to go, Stephanie!

Hope you enjoyed these little windows into separate worlds.


  1. Country Wings in Phoenix28 July 2010 at 14:40

    Good Morning Susie Sweetie...
    You have been a very busy gal of late. My goodness gracious. And Ms Stephanie herself is quite the queen. Would you look at all that code? You do such phenomenal work sweetie.

    Thank you for sharing this morning. I love to see what you have done. I am clapping for you, can you hear me?

    Have a gorgeous Wednesday sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry


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