Gloria Swanson - image altered by me - for personal use only
Anyone noticed Blogger has changed the image uploader AGAIN?

Having trouble? Maybe my tutorial will help. I've put this on my Computery blog.

I noticed in my post below that the pix don't open into larger ones from the thumbnail images - a perfect example of how frustrating Blogger is at the moment. I do wish they'd leave things alone...


  1. Susie, I'm still using the old editor—knowing it will go away soon!—and am having no problem with it. So is it just when you are using the new editor? I hate the new editor!!!!

  2. I'm having trouble with BOTH editors! This blog is written in the old editor, and the post below has thumbnail pix which won't enlarge. I wrote a post for the tutorial in my Extra Portions blog (new editor) and had the same problem... I had to go in and edit the post, click on the pic and specify a larger image.

    Whether it's anything to do with this being a UK site, I really don't know...

  3. I keep having random small issues over on my end...Single files are ok, but then I made a change, and I'm having a devil of a time re-fixing the images.

  4. Hi Susie,

    Remember weeks ago when I yelled for help over the blogger uploader? Well, it was this exact same uploader window that was refusing to orient my images correctly. After that day I never saw it again. It was always the other uploader. I noticed a few days ago that IT'S BACK!!! LOL

    So far so good from my end but I'm not holding my breath. :0) Oh, and I think I have to adjust the size of my photos every time.

    One day the MAGIC combination for doing everything painlessly is going to come together! You think?? ha ha

    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  5. I've noticed it but have NO problem with it. It still has the option to enlarge the photo's.

  6. I'm thinking Blogger have lost their marbles. Larger res pix take forever to load, but will enlarge from their thumbnails. Smaller res pix stay at one size only. Bah!

    RE the Picasa issue - does this mean anyone can access my (private) album? Does this mean images can be hijacked?

    Are we now going to have to put 'copyright by' right across the middle of every image to protect it?

    Should I start looking for another blogging platform?

    Why can't Blogger just leave well ALONE!

  7. Am scratching my head...I ve noticed nothing...I think I am still using the old editor.I have made no changes since they've offred the new template stuff etc, etc...was I right to do so?

  8. StaziO essentials2 October 2010 at 01:49

    so far so good, and keepin finger crossed


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