I like carving my own stamps - it's easier than you'd think, and you can happily make things for sale or for digital products without any worries about copyright issues (as long as you draw your images yourself or use images from copyright-free sources).

Here's one I made, and the stamped image:

I did this some time ago, using an old lino cut set I found in a junk shop, using a (used) plastic eraser - Mars Staedler, if I remember correctly. Basically, I drew the image with a biro then started cutting! Took me around 10 minutes, start to finish. And things are much better now, with some really good ergonomically-designed cutters and "rubber" which cuts like a hot knife through butter. So no strain on the hands etc.

Here's a lovely little video by Vanessa Spencer for Stampington (she's one of my very favourite artists):

Sweet, simple and to the point! And some rather nice background music too.

Why not get carving?


  1. LOVE this idea Susie!.. Erasers are hard to come by, but I'll have to keep my eyes open for the carving tools! Looks like fun to me!... Have a great day! ~tina

  2. Love it Susie - I often do that when I can't find a stamp I "need"!! Plus, it's fun to be so unique!!

  3. Linda in New Mexico29 October 2010 at 04:23

    This is such fun. I love it. Thanks for sharing and inspiration starter. The Olde Bagg

  4. Methinks I'm going to have to try this!

  5. VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier29 October 2010 at 21:41

    Hello,dear Susie:-)*

    I have another question...May be you can help me???
    Last time if I want to place post in my computer wil absolutely not placing images or photos,total no reaction!!!
    I don't know where is a problem???
    May be installations in my computer or installations in my blogger???

    OH,tha is SO pity..I would LOVE to palce my new post with many Autumn beautiful photos and it can not...I stay to try:-)*And searching everywhere,but unfortunately without success...


  6. Gang - you're going to have so much fun with these!

    VIOLETTA - I'm emailing you privately - hope I can help!

  7. Susie, I have all the materials to carve stamps already. I've been just a bit scared to do it, but now I am heading right over to my studio and will carve my first stamp. Thanks for the inspiration and kick in the b*tt!

  8. IDRAWPIX - You KNOW you can do it! It's just down to taking that first step - you'll be an addict before you know it...


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