Do you ever have a song playing in your head... you keep hearing it played everywhere, but can't find out the name of it? 'Mad World' is one of those songs for me.

One of my favourite songs - ever - is 'Mad World' by Tears for Fears, performed by Gary Jules for the film 'Donnie Darko'.

Last night, on the UK version of X Factor, I saw an amazing performance by Aiden Grimshaw.

For once, I agree with Simon Cowell, who said this performance and one other absolutley blew him away: the other one 'being on the American show' - which of course is American Idol.

And of course that other performance was by Adam Lambert.

It's it wonderful to be able to compare these. Of course, there is no comparison - I love them all - but what a different and individual interpretation each of them has given to this song.

Here's the original live performance by Tears for Fears on Top of the Pops (BBC) way back in 1982- it was actually fairly upbeat and rather cheery!

Hope you enjoyed them!


  1. hi hun I totally agree,love love this song but there is just something about this lad on the x factor that totally draws you in I think he is just brilliant,best performance of that song ever just loved it hugs cheryl xxxxx

  2. I found it so interesting being able to compare four different versions and I had completely forgotten the one by Tears for Fears. Thanks for making it possible.
    Jo x

  3. ENJOYED READING AND WATCHING YOUR CLIPS SUSIE,sorry about caps, not used to Sylvias compy

  4. Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents11 October 2010 at 23:24

    I so love this post and it is such fun being able to compare them all! I had never even heard that song til Adam sang it on American Idol. I totally love everything he sings, so of course it is my fav version, but Tears for Fears had a fun version, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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