Kitchen lights - bet Peter won't be happy about the nail holes in the shelf edge!
Closeup - note I actually strung all the little baubles. Talk about fiddly!
Sometimes I just can't leave well enough alone, so decided to put some Christmas lights in the kitchen this year.

I'm actually yearning for lit-up chilli peppers or something food related, but not being willing to spend around £30 ($50) for one string of only 10 lights, these had to do instead. Plus a few extra danglies I happened to have spare - they just wouldn't fit on the tree!


Copyright Susie Jefferson for Blade Rubber Stamps

This pic shows a shelf liner edging I did as part of a tutorial I wrote for Blade Rubber Stamps - just scrapbooking paper cut into strips, then joined up into one long length - and two punches. Easy peasy - and quick! So you might like to have a go at that one. Full instructions are here.

Seeing the pix again, I wish I'd done this first, then added the lights. Too late now!


Copyright HappyDotMom
Just found this! Isn't it fabulous? It's a polystyrene base and a ton of COFFEE FILTERS! Love it, love it, love it!

Go here to see the full tutorial by Lilly at HappyDotMom.

I think I'd have to meddle though... surely there's room somewhere for a set of lights as well? Even if it's just teeny little LED ones? Or maybe just a teensy spot of glitter.... (sorry, sometimes I just can't help myself...)


  1. Hi Susie -

    First, let me thank you for all your wonderful links. Very much appreciated. Second, I love your punched edge shelf liner (the lights are sweet too). And I completely agree with you, a small set of lights AND glitter would be the perfect finishing touch for the wreath - LOL! Enjoy your holidays!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Lights in the kitchen? Fabulous idea!!! I'll hang mine this weekend. I love the wreath.

  3. Linda in New Mexico7 December 2010 at 01:17

    Darling girl, once again you have inspired me to do some other things....I can hardly wait to do some shelf trim. Hmmmmmmmmm...must be something very well interesting and I'll send a photo when completed.
    And now the daugher is off to buy coffee filters and vows to figure out how to dye them...oh dear. We'll see. XOXO The Olde Bagg, Linda

  4. Love the shelf edging Susie!.. And that silverware design is a hole punch?!! I love it!

  5. Very clever Susie they look great

  6. Hi There :) Thanks so much for the link... it made my day!


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