Here's a great little tutorial I just found for you - a fast & easy, minimum-sew cushion cover, plus how to make your own stencils out of freezer paper!

Video project copyright The DIY Dish

Here's the link for the downloadable pdf with full instructions! 

Great for last-minute room decoration before The Holidays and also for gifts - and very welcome, considering what cushion covers are costing these days. If you don't like sewing, you could minimise it by using a longer piece of fabric to wrap right around and overlap, saving two extra seams... plus you can easily work out any size and shape to suit your cushion pads!

This project also uses Tim Holtz's acrylic Paint Dabbers - what could be easier? (or use acrylic paint straight out the bottle or tube, squeezed onto a paper plate, and a stencil brush).

For those of you in the UK, you'll find freezer paper in the more upmarket supermarkets, a lot of craft stores or online.

I loathe those foam or fibre-filled pads with a deathly loathing - lumpy, and they go flat in seconds. Doesn't matter what you do, they won't fluff up nicely like feather pads do - so why do the shops insist on selling filled cushions? I just want the covers! Yes, use a pad for display but sell them flat - not only easier to carry home, but should knock at least £5 off the price. And I'll be binning them anyway (even the charity shops in my area don't want them).

Buy feather pads - now anti-allergy treated - which is greener and much more economical in the long run, and also give a much nicer effect. Plus you can really snuggle up in them!


  1. Thank you Susie for posting the tutorial! We really appreciate your support!

    Kim & Kris


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