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People ask me about paint markers for journalling.

Everyone online is mourning the discontinuation of Sharpie Poster Pens (opaque water-based paint pen which writes over ANYTHING - and which was virtually impossible to buy in the UK. Leastwise, I never found any).
Lumiere paint carefully applied with a brush and therefore a bit wobbly - and Ranger's white opaque pen (written over twice, to show up). How much easier if I'd had these new pens! Can't WAIT to try them!
However: I was looking at Kelly Kilmer's definitive Pen List earlier today, and she's found a substitute! Same manufacturer, different packaging: Uni Poscar Paint - for once, something readily available in the UK! Hurrah!

Bullet tip
Here are the links:

Durable Supply
American Markers
Art Primo
Sid Savage

London Graphics Centre - in Covent Garden, London (great place to visit)
ArtiFolk (inc glitter pens!)
Tiger Pens (free delivery in the UK for orders over £10)
Journal Craft (inc opaque white)
Crafty Arts (inc brush tip pens)
Pullingers (whole range!)

Just Google for more links. The pens are also available on Amazon and eBay.

I'm off shopping - can't wait to try these!


  1. here's hoping they are good, your blog post has just made me spend £25 on them! :)

  2. Sarah - Goodness, I hope they are as good as they say or I'll have to hang my head in shame big time. I give you full permission to call me nasty names if you don't like them! Keep me posted.

  3. no nasty names :) they arrived today and at first play I am VERY impressed!!! beautiful opaque white and colours which dry quickly and are then waterproof. I just have to stop my 19 year old son stealing them as he seems very impressed too!

  4. Sarah - HURRAH! I have to wait till the weekend, then I'll be into London Graphics studio like a whatsit up a drainpipe, lol - someone just restrain me!

    That Ranger opaque pen isn't all that brilliant, I don't think - so the white will be first on my list. Thanks so much for coming back to me about this.

  5. been using these pens for a while now.... the dreaded Hobbycraft do carry them and do special offers. They are truly brill to use and write with. Hugs xxx

  6. Olive - thank you so much for your comment. Been trying to get those Sharpie pens for quite a while now. Never knew these others existed!

    Sarah - I've just added another link I found: Pullingers (above) which gives a few tips re use, which you might find useful.


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