Dunno if it's happened to you? All the letters on your keyboard wearing off?

Well, it's happened to me - I wouldn't mind so much, except the keyboard was REALLY expensive (£75 around 18 months ago) and the letters started wearing off in the first 6 months.

Left side
Right side
I touch-type, so it wasn't too bad at first - but after the latest computer crash (just after Christmas, hence the dearth of posts) I really noticed the lack. Have you tried typing in passwords when you don't know what the letters are? Even if you touch-type, trying to think which letter is where is a nightmare!

Plus, I had the flu - twice (New Year's Eve I was in bed before 10.00pm) so when I got back to the computer, fuzzy brains didn't help.

So I solved it myself (can't afford a new keyboard at the moment - not at that price - and mine isn't one that's easily obtained everywhere) by using expoxy alphabet stickers and a good coat of Diamond Glaze!
  1. First thing to do is make sure there is no grease on the keys (I used a dishcloth wrung out in HOT soapy water, then wiped with more dishcloth rinsed in clear hot water). Make sure that keyboard is disconnected from your machine, and completely DRY before you reconnect or you could get electrocuted!
  2. Draw round the edge of the shape with the nozzle of the bottle, then flood with glue (make sure it's on a flat surface as this stuff acts like self-levelling concrete and you don't want it dripping inside the keyboard).
  3. Allow to dry overnight (it will dry clear and rock-hard).

Left side
Right side
Yes, it's been a great success and will do me for now till I see an affordable new one.

The only downside is that I can feel the raised surface of the epoxy stickers, but am getting used to it. No letters have come off so far!


  1. Linda in New Mexico12 January 2011 at 17:05

    Poor you....I can't even imagine. I touch type too but sometimes your right, you do need to see the letters. Very clever fix. TOB, Linda

  2. It's strange your letters have rubbed off completely like that. I've had my keyboard probably 2 and half years and only the letters a,s,n & m are showing any real signs of wear. I like how you've fixed it though - just hope you won't get hard skin forming on your fingertips.

  3. It hasn't happened to me yet, but thanx for the tip anyway. Yes those special keyboards ARE more expensive than the regular ones I use :)

  4. Anne Huskey-Lockard12 January 2011 at 18:26

    You have a keyboard similar to mine, except I have the off white/light taupe one. I might do a preemptive strike on mine---I tend to get certain keys that lose their letter, and when you don't touch-type---that is BAD!
    And yes, the ergo keyboards are not cheap, but oh-so-comfy!
    Great idea!!!


  5. Well Pet you can turn your hand to anything, good for you, girl after my own heart


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