Here's another of my handmade books - this one is a bit different: a portfolio-style sketchbook

I used a pamphlet stitch (see my tutorial in my Etsy shop if you want to make one), which just goes to show that a basic stitch needn't result in a boring book!

The front - generous grograin tape ties. The tapes run right through, front to back, hidden inside the detatchable cover. In my Etsy shop now!
Closeup of the titling: distressed, embossed and mounted with tiny brads in 3 separate pieces (which can be removed if required). Cover paper is Bockingford heavyweight watercolour paper.
Inner cover, showing the paste paper finish inside (I made the effect by paddling with my gloved fingers) which is slightly dimensional.
Showing the pages - 8 pages (16 sides) of Saunders Waterford hand-poured watercolour paper with a natural deckle edge. I've distressed the pages very lightly, allowing for journalling, artwork etc.
The back - also with tapes threaded through. The cover is distressed with walnut ink, coffee and tea, and I added little grains of coffee and walnut ink to achieve the 'foxed' effect.
Another closeup from a different angle, so you can see the tied tapes better.
The sketchbook is 11.5inches wide x 15 inches high (29cm x 38cm) and the pages are 11 inches x 14.75 inches (28cm x 37.75cm). It opens out to a huge 22 inches x 14.75inches (56cm x 37.75cm) - loads of space to work on!

I've just put this into my Etsy shop - finally feel I can let go of it (they're like my children, I can't always let them out the house, lol)


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