I'm happy to announce that on Tuesday I got my hair hacked off again (I'm just amazed my hairdresser didn't use gardening shears, lol).
Me with Tim last Saturday- old hair - I look like my own mother!
Me with Lin Brown on Friday - after haircut: I look 15 years younger, 1 chin less and 10lb thinner!
First, just to let you know, my camera failed me and I only managed to take around 10 photographs at the Tim Holtz gig.

So I am waiting on my three friends to forward me theirs as soon as they get a chance (we're all v. tired after our couple of days away). As our morning session was with Lin Brown (LB Crafts) and Leandra Franich (PaperArtsy) doing a really fun project - of which, more later...  I only have some of those photos - and none of the afternoon session with Tim! I could have cried...

The camera has been acting up, and it just died - with the viewfinder extended open. I had to recharge it just to get the camera to shut down again. Then it wouldn't work at all. I've only had it 18 months - so yesterday morning (Saturday) I took it straight back to Currys. The manager tested it, and it froze on him as well, so he me an IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT! So, for once, the extended insurance cover paid off.
Much as I love the design, I could have done without the 'girly pink' - red would have been great!  I didn't dare say anything, though,  being as the manager was being so helpful and even loaded the memory card for me.
So back went the Samsung and I now am the proud possessor of the Canon Ixus 105, and as I got a full credit for what I'd already paid (plus the 8mg memory card from the Samsung is compatible with the Canon) it only cost me another tenner! You'll see Amazon (the above link, so you can see pix & reviews) is offering the camera half list price - I paid The Exact Same Price at Currys!

So I'm even more pleased, as I see I got double the value I thought I'd got, and have by some miracle gotten an upgrade. Plus: the manager promised me this one is idiot-proof AND very easy to use. I noticed it comes with a Very Short instruction manual (more of a booklet) which immediately filled me with confidence. I never got off the auto setting on the other one - which did not come with a manual, only a 135-page downloadable pdf, which did NOT thrill me. I started reading, the eyes glazed, the brain hurt and I gave up, and just set onto Auto. I am not a good photographer - I'm stricly point&shoot. It's the digital manipulation (Photoshop, Serif Craft Artist Platinum etc) that I enjoy.

My with Dyan last Saturday at the NEC - in spite of blow drying, some product and finished with a little wax, the hair has gone vertical (but in a very strange way) and is dull and frazzled.

Me - new haircut - with my PaperArtsy/LB Craft painted metal 'bits' prior to a bit of sanding. Ta Daaaah!
Having seen my photos at the NEC gig (scroll down to read that post) I looked like my own mother. So one haircut later, I have (according to my husband, two friends and my mirror) lost 15 years, 1 chin and around 10 pounds - not bad for a £35 haircut!  I feel 'myself' again. I was trying to go for a bob, having got bored with having it so short - but I'm now resigned to it (I used have it long and wear it up in a pleat or French plait) but since it went grey the texture has changed so much that it just doesn't handle the same any more. And it grows so fast I need a trim around every 4 weeks, so colour is out the question (roots really noticeable after 2 weeks, and I look EVIL with blonde streaks...) plus I'm quite happy with the grey.

I think it looks distinguished, plus my glasses make me look vaguely intelligent. On the other hand, what do I know? I just hope this cut doesn't go out of fashion... then I'll be really stuffed... Hair is SO important. If it doesn't look right, I don't feel right.

Enough digression! Back to the Tim Holtz Event:  it was wonderful, 'nuff said, and I shall post in detail later - when I get the other the pix sent through. I got back very late Friday night having travelled with Sue (Designated Driver, with spiffy red car) and Liz (fellow traveller, who also lives in London).

Happy Post Day

Saturday (yesterday) was Happy Post Day - my Vagabond arrived, along with my Tickets, Film Strip and Vintage Market plates!
I have various other dies (Tattered Flower, Birdcage etc) and have been using them with my purple Wizard (Spellbinders) but have been wanting to Go Electric for ages and have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this machine! Even Peter (my very long-suffering husband) has agreed the Vagabond is a Very Smart piece of kit which he's quite happy I leave out on display (I have a desk in the corner of the living room). It comes with a sheet of stickers so you can decorate it - or not - as you see fit.

BRAG TIME: At the gig, Tim gave us some fabulous goodie bags, and included was a special commemorative sticker - made especially for this event - for the Vagabond. And I got mine autographed as well! So I'll have to dither around now, deciding on placement of stickers - could take weeks! Decisions, decisions, lol...

That wasn't all on Happy Post Day ... I also got my free book:

If you buy Galaxy chocolate in the special wrapper, eat your chocolate then look in the wrapper - then go online, type in your details and their code ... you get a free paperback! I applied on Tuesday and yesterday got Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger - the author of The Time Traveller's Wife! With a free bookmark - fantastic or what? (And how FAST - and I love the chocolate)!

So, once I get all the photos sent to me, I'll do a proper post with full rundown on Lin & Lendra's project, plus Tim's Construction Boxes.


  1. Fab new haircut - you look fantastic! Good luck with the new camera, sounds like you were lucky with the after sales customer service from Currys - unheard of usually!

    I'm v jealous about your Vagabond - I saw one at the Make It! fair at Farnborough on Friday for £159, got home and told DH about it - "You could have bought it, you know." said he, having huffed and puffed when I'd 'just mentioned it in passing' previously. Grrrrr! Apart from looking great, is it worth the money?

    Looking forward to seeing your other Tim pictures when you get them from your friends. I'm so jealous I could spit, but that is not a good character trait so I'm trying to be nice about it ;0)


  2. Joanna - You should have bought that Vagabond when you saw it! Not only have most suppliers been unable to get hold of it, the RRP is £175, so that was an amazing deal. If you can remember who stocked it, get online and see if they still have one.

    Is it worth it? Yes, every penny. Whisper quiet, will cut up to 7 sheets of paper at once, also does chip board, book board, fabric, metal and all the usual stuff... plus it's very compact and takes up no space. Also nice & solid, no wobbling. I NEARLY bought the Big Shot - but as I'm very limited on space, that's why I didn't (nowhere to store it when unused). Plus the Vagabond totally folds away out of sight, even the electric lead, so no dust in the electrics anywhere, or on any surfaces. So it isn't an extravagance, it's actually an INVESTMENT and you'll definitely get your money's worth out of it. I classify stuff as 'nice to have', 'gadgets & gimmicks' and 'kit'. This is Essential Kit.

    RE the camera - miracles do happen! Must be the new haircut! (thanks by the way - I hadn't realised how bad it looked till I saw last week's pix).

  3. Anne Huskey-Lockard27 February 2011 at 13:36

    OMG!!!! This is a great/hilarious/absolutely great post!!!
    Love your haircut and totally envious that I cannot wear mine short. You look great--I look like a mental escapee.....well, maybe there is a REASON....ahem.
    Hey, if you hate the color of your camera, just get some Golden fluid acrylics and paint it---or use some Staz-On and stamps for a custom look. Seriously, mask the areas that need to stay clean and do the rest!
    I love the Tim Holtz goodies...I am seriously going to have to think of a reason to NEEEEEED them.... ;-D


  4. Anne - If in doubt... read my answer to Comment #1 - if you can get a Vagabond, then do. It's even better than I'd anticipated. And saves on RSI, bad wrists, shoulder strain, frayed temper, stress etc - as you suffer from migraines, I'd say it's also a medical necessity!

    RE the camera, am already planning to stamp all over it with script or swirls or something. I guess I'll just have to adjust to pink (but why to men always assume it's 'ou' colour? I'm sure that manager had a plain metal one somewhere...) Don't I sound ungrateful!

    Hence another reason to love the Vagabond - finally, a sensible colour for equipment (plain dark brown). Why o why do the craft manufacturers do stuff in vile froggy green, ghastly sugary pink (a colour nobody would wear) orchid pink, baby blue etc? What's wrong with an olive, navy, deep red, charcoal - or Winter White, beige etc... luggage/handbag colours... I love Martha Stewart for packaging her punches a vanilla/off white/creamy colour. Feminine, yet nice - and classy! A colour one doesn't wince at.

    RE the hair - so much depends on texture. If I had your style, I'd look like the Wild Woman of Wongo within half an hour! When I think of all the styling product I put on it last week - and it still looked like a Brillo pad... Now it looks shiny, the colour doesn't look fuddyduddy now it's a modern cut, and it seems to have totally reshaped my face at the same time. There's an awful lot riding on a haircut!

  5. I love your haircut! I wear mine like that as well and get more compliments than when it was to my butt!

  6. Oh! I would love to have a Vagabond. I'd also love to meet Tim Holtz. I like your new hair cut. I am thinking about going short too. You say it erases double chins?! LOL

  7. Hi Susie -

    Thank you for the chuckles on your post today. I love your hair, it is so chic looking, and most importantly, looks easy to care for! That's why I cut my very short - LOL! So sorry about the camera fiasco, but very glad you were able to have it taken care of so quickly and efficiently, albeit the color is not your style. Looking forward to your posting photos when you receive them.

    Elaine Allen

  8. Gabriela Delworth27 February 2011 at 20:29

    Hello Susie,

    You look fabulous! And how fun meeting Tim!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Fab post Susie, so glad you had a great time. I have the electic big shot and love it. What a shame about your camera

  10. Love the new 'do and the fabulous new toys!!


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