I'm so upset, I'm ready to stick my head in a bucket!
I'm wondering whether you too are experiencing major problems with your blog?

This could be anything from your 'Older Posts' button at the very bottom of your page no longer working, or giving you an error message - to the problem I'm having. Which is that all my 'quick edit' icons have disappeared (the little pencils) and the New Post button at the top of my blog. I'm having to sign in to my blog every single time to even get to the Dashboard! And no, I don't have a solution for that.... yet....

So what's causing it? Read this post: Blogger is doing more major updates and giving us a whole new look. All I can say is... if it ain't broken, DON'T FIX IT. Because now we are all in a mess - again.
Make mine a [very] large one!
All I can advise is that we panic (very quietly) and go ahead and bear ourselves with patience. Failing that, I recommend copious amounts of chocolate and strong alcohol.

This is definitely a 'two-large-bars-of-chocolate' crisis!
In the meantime, for those of you having the 'Older Posts' problem, where you get an error message every time anyone clicks on it, here's a temporary solution.

Create a 'sticky post' under your header. This is static, and will stay where it's put until you delete it.
You don't need to put anything in the title section unless you want to: 'Read This' etc
Add a text widget into the 'Add A Gadget' box directly under your header, and type in a message along the  lines suggested above.

This is how the box will look when in Design view.
And here is how it looks, 'live' on my test blog.

Another suggestion: change the number of posts per page:

I hope this helps!

When I think of a solution to the other problems (no 'quick edit' widget etc) I'll let you know.
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