I have just finished another Configuration Box - this one is the smallest size available, so just shows it doesn't have to be big to be beautiful!

Closeup - the red torso is actually a mould and UTEE!
I had this brilliant vintage sheet music titled 'The Spectre's Bride' - so that was the inspiration for this piece.

Detail of the top - a large key acts as a handle

A little spooky, it isn't intended to be for Halloween or anything like that - more Phantom of the Opera, if anything.

I found the strange Gothic Queen Elizabeth I skull piece in a charity shop of all places: modern, resin, I treated it to several coats of Tim Holtz Crackle Paint in Rock Candy, which gave it a German glass glittter effect and aged it down, without needing to 'grunge' it up with paints or dyes.

 I hope you like it.


  1. oh wow like it hun i have seen a few of these in blog land but blimey hun this is simply stunning,the papers,the detail,crickey hun,just amazing,hugs cheryl xxxxx

  2. Like it? I love it! Fabulous display....

  3. Well done, my friend!

  4. This is very cool! I love the skull queen!

  5. You are clever Susie, don't know if I would have the patience for something like this


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