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Dearie me - as if I'm not suffering enough with Blogger - I now can't even leave a comment ON MY OWN BLOG!

Yes, you read it right - not only do I have to sign in every time, but I also have to click Google ID - then any comment disappears - and now it's happening on my own blog as well. So I can't even reply to you, if you've left a comment for me (unless you have an email address listed somewhere). So I do apologise if you think I'm ignoring you!

This really is too bad, and is tempting me to think about trying other blog formats again. Well, the UK has a public holiday on Friday (The Royal Wedding) and also Monday (May Bank Holiday) so I have some time to try and come up with a solution to it all.

It's enough to make me want to throw all my toys out the pram! As it is, I've stuck my head in a bucket instead.


  1. Blogger is so annoying. Sometimes I can't leave a comment on one blog-get that stupid sign in thing-then I close the blog and go back or even just click comments again and it works. I hope it starts working for you!! Good luck!

  2. Anne Huskey-Lockard27 April 2011 at 14:41

    I think Blogger is pushing down a whole bunch of CRAP without bothering to see if it works first. Their new dashboard they designed has to be the cause of these problems, but I don't think they ever debugged the code on the new templates before they shoved them out.
    You know, it WORKED BEFORE. Now it doesn't. That's THEM shuffling code, and it's getting old. I never know from day to day if I can get in my blog at all, and sometimes I can't leave comments either, especially if there is word verification. (and I always do a quick *copy* on a comment because I usually have to refresh the page.....GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!0
    I'm feeling for you....


  3. Oh dear, you are having problems aren't you?! Don't know what to say really just

    Keep Calm
    Carry On!


  4. I find that if I completely log out of blogger and then log back in it solves 80% of the problems. Sorry if I am sucking grandmother to such eggs.
    hugs xoxox


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