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Here's the latest news re the error message for Older Posts. 

Looks like they are onto it - but how long is it going to take, I wonder? Meantime, what about the rest of the problems?

Thanks to everyone who left a comment - wish I could leave you a comment back! Normal service will be resumed.... eventually.... (maybe in my lifetime?)


  1. Anne Huskey-Lockard9 April 2011 at 21:39

    Well, with the speed of Blogger being equal to the speed of *Frozen Tree Sloth*, I'm thinking maybe by the END of our lifetimes???
    And then it will be something else.
    I'm still having problems leaving comments; I generally copy my comment, then refresh the page and USUALLY I'll get the box and verification word.
    But not always.
    It's a gamble. ;-)


  2. Queen of Dreamsz9 April 2011 at 22:19

    Hi Susie,

    BooHoo!! I know how frustrating it can be with blogger and computers in general...My desktop and my laptop both crashed and burnt in the same week...just got them back. Now Thomas has a "rogue antivirus program" that has shut his laptop down!

    Stephanie ♥

  3. thekathrynwheel11 April 2011 at 20:30

    At least we all have you to sort us out and keep us informed:-)
    Grrrrrrr to blogger!

  4. Plush Possum Studio15 April 2011 at 23:52

    Oh, dear! So no solutions to this point. :(
    Maybe try a different browser? We use Safari and are experiencing much less of those problems people keep exclaiming over.
    It may be a lame idea, but worth a try.
    Bon chance!

  5. Nancy Baumiller20 April 2011 at 13:45

    The only thing that doesnt work for me on blogger is being able to see the thumbnail pic other peoples blogs on my sidebar. Half show and well the other half....blah blah blah...dont know if mine is a blogger issue or Java. *shrugs*

  6. Queen of Dreamsz24 April 2011 at 04:43

    Hi Susie,

    Checking in on you! You mean to tell me your blogs are still not working?? Oh my gosh..what are they telling you now?

    Anyhow I just really wanted to say hello and say I've missed you. ♥

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Stephanie ♥


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