Just a quick email from an internet cafe to let you know my poor computer has Finally Died.

Even with my reboot discs - which it couldn't read, and kept repeating Fatal Error, Fatal Error (I nearly gave it one with my husband's lump hammer...) it still couldn't be saved, so I'm surfing for a new one.

To go with an all-in-one or not, that is the question. I have a nearly new 22inch LG monitor, so do I need a touch screen one where I have to stretch my arms up? Remember, I suffer from RSI and have the ergonomic keyboard and a rollerball mouse to prove it.They look very good, they save lots of space - but are also very expensive. I need 1TB under the hood minimum, and a 1TB graphics capability, plus a min of 4GB memory.

Plus I don't want a load of rubbish under the hood that a lot of manufacturers seem to feel they have to pile in - it all uses up memory! And don't you just RESENT being given a trial version of Windows Office then be forced to purchase the licence? as if the machine doesn't cost enough...

So - I'm wounded in action - I have hauled the machine to a repair centre but don't hold out much hope as I think it's the motherboard.

RIP oh treasured friend!


  1. Anne Huskey-Lockard25 May 2011 at 16:05

    omg.....Susie, you make our potentially tornadic day seem bearable after this report.....
    I am sooo sorry.
    I never believe in all in ones. We that have joint issues and do graphics need the *pieces*. Plus, from the ones DH has with work, they go a lot quicker and are more prone to problems than the good old fashioned PCs.
    And now I shall search your blog for how to do an e-mail button...long story...not for the blog!
    TAke care my friend!


  2. YESSS on the dreaded trial issue of Windows Office!! I have that too and I hate it. MY trial period is over, so downloaded another trial, Office 2011 (I think lol)free for 2 months and after that?? I don't want to buy the official version, but might have to later duh!!

    Success on getting a new puter Susie

  3. Ugh! Sorry to hear of the death of your computer! Hope you find a new machine and back up and running soon!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I hate when my mother board dies. If it is unrepairable, I am wishing for you an amazing clearance sale for the computer you truly need.

  5. Plush Possum Studio26 May 2011 at 18:25

    We possums predict you'll soon be up and rolling and at a different speed. So all should be well shortly! ;)
    Rose & Studio Friends

  6. Good luck!! My PC was slowly and painfully dying before Christmas. My Mom gave me $$ as my gift and so I went and bought a new beautiful PC with 1TB memory. Well that lasted 3 weeks before Windows crashed. Of course the store where I bought it tried to blame me, but since I was still under the in initial 90 day warranty, they couldn't say much. But.. it still took them 3 weeks and threats (empty, but still...) of legal action, public humiliation, and general unkind word of mouth finally got my PC back-- on the 89th day of the warranty.I had already sent it to the head office, and the head computer guru. HE tried to tell me there was too much humidity in my house! In the dead of winter... in Western Canada?? THEN they tried to sell me another warranty.I think by now my name and e-mail on a list by the phone in all the franchise offices with a note to "not p**s this woman off" !! Hope to see you back and running soon :)


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