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Hurrah! My blog is back to normal!

Yes, folks, last night I turned on the computer and miraculously my Follow, New Post and Quick Edit buttons have all reappeared - as has my Google ID, so I can Now Leave Comments! I am thrilled, you have no idea.... Only whinge now is that my pix still don't upload when I click the Upload button, but double-clicking on the image works, so who cares!

Other news:

I've just done a new page (taken me all morning) of my favourite how-to links for projects, which I have sorted into category. They are all on the Recommended page. I think this will be a lot more useful than just listing a blog in the sidebar, as you can now find a particular post and go straight to it.

Suggestions gratefully received, if you have a tutorial I should be listing.

By the way - have you noticed that when writing your post, that the Post Options and Labels are now on the left, not on the right? Wonder why they bothered changing them over - it will have taken an awful lot of work, and what for? No wonder our templates are all upset!

OTHER other news - my latest piece has been published in Craft Stamper magazine - but as I haven't yet seen it (need to go & buy one) I have no idea what it is! I'll put up the pic soon as I do.


  1. Congratulations all round!

    Blogger keeps on chewing up my comments and sending them off never to be seen again which is driving me mad! Maybe you've transferred your bad luck....:o(

  2. Susie Jefferson8 May 2011 at 16:44

    Joanna - Sounds like you are now having the problem I just had - it seems to work its way through the system. Still, at least it looks like things will sort themselves out... at some point.... I hope things get better soon.

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

  3. Country Wings in Phoenix8 May 2011 at 21:10

    Hi Susie Sweetie...
    Congrats, congrats, and more congrats. I am so tickled for you sweet friend. Published, yeah!

    I love the new header. It is beautiful as always. You talents so amaze me.

    I too have been having blogger problems. They stole my dashboard over 5 months ago now. I can't see when anyone posts a new posts, and the only way I can see anyones blogs is to keep going back through my comments and visiting. It has made me so unhappy. I don't even have Google Reader. It doesn't come up either. SO frustrating.

    Hope you are having a beautiful day sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. Hi Susie! Glad things are working again for you!!.. and congrats on your newest publication! Hope your weekend was a nice one! ~tina

  5. Oh, how wonderful that your blog is behaving again!


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