Welcome to SkullBay and SNR Art Corner! I was totally thrilled to be commissioned to do two blog makeovers - for BIKER sites! And even more thrilled that Steve, Mr Skull N Roses himself (below) is really pleased with them.

Copyright BJL and Mr Skull N Roses

SkullBay and SNR Art Corner are add-ons to Mr Skull N Roses' main site, Biker Jewelry Info.

SkullBay is going to operate a little like eBay - but for biker jewellery, heavy metal designs, Goth etc. It's going to be a very exciting site!

SNR Art Corner is going to be a site showing art - jewellery design, paintings, fantasy art, digital art etc - so you may want to submit some of your work for display. The original painting I used for the background (with his permission) is by Dmitri Mitsuk.


I've also done buttons and blinkies (I bet this is the first biker blinkie ever!) and generally had a wonderful time with it all.

Anyone looking for a blog makeover with a difference? Contact me (email button in sidebar) or go to my Esty shop  to check out the packages I offer. Want freebies or to do it yourself? Check out my Blogology site (link under the header).


  1. Fabulous woork Susie - my son builds bikes - choppers and the like, and also restores old bikes - would definitely approve.

  2. Brilliant Susie you are so clever

  3. Wonderful job! These are fabulous!

  4. Excellent! You totally went for it and the results are fabulous.


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