I'm so happy!

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It's been a traumatic time - but my poorly computer is all better again!

You wouldn't believe what's been going on. Last post, I mentioned I took the computer into Currys to see if I could get any help. Well, I did!

Currys' new thing is to repair in-branch wherever possible, so I (for once) was in the right place at the right time. Their Go-To person (female) was very patient, listened to the whole sorry tale then phoned up their IT personnel - who advised I bring the machine in so they could verify the hard drive was the one they supplied. Which they did - and yes, my machine was already obsolete at that time so I had indeed been given a reconditioned, reformatted Windows 98 one.

See this? Only 29.3gb, plus an A Drive that doesn't actually exist
My helpful uber-geek person at the place in Brenford had hit the 'return to factory settings' button - whisking my hard drive back into the distant past (Windows 98 was the one before Windows ME, which is the one before Windows XP) hence the miniscule hard drive, and the resulting problem of the Windows XP reboot discs being rendered unable to be read by the machine.

Herewith 2nd call to the Currys IT personnel by the wonderfully helpful lady at Currys - who handed the phone over to me so I could explain more clearly. The IT person then instructed the helpful Go-To Girl in what to do, and voila, my machine is now in a GO situation again! Hurrah!

There's the little sucker - hiding on the right! So now I have Drives A, C, D, E and F... shouldn't there be a B somewhere, to complete the set?
By now, of course, you are slavering at the bit to find out what the magic solution was. How did it get fixed when I only had  a 29.3gb hard drive? Because the bloody thing had partitioned itself... in a secret partition which even the Go-To Girl didn't know existed! And there it was: 203 un-allocated gb just waiting to be told what to do! So G-T G named the partition, formatted it... and I am now the proud possessor of a C Drive, an F Drive, two drives for CDs and DVDs - and the mysterious floppy disc A Drive, for which I don't even have a drawer.... Isn't Technology wonderful?

Suffice to say, I'll be getting back to posting about the artwork soon.


  1. That post was mostly in a foreign language (!) but I'm really pleased for you that you pc is now sorted out!

    I popped in to Blade Rubber on Saturday but missed you :o(


  2. Congrats, Susie! Couldn't have happened to a better person (the solution that is, as I'm sure you could have done without the whole mess to begin with!)!!

  3. Anne Huskey-Lockard7 June 2011 at 19:39

    And I totally understand the repartitioning thing---we had that happen on our old (and long gone) Gasping-Gateway....omg.....very similar horror story.


  4. Well I am so pleased you are sorted and back with us Suzie, you have been missed

  5. i had this happen to me too hun on my old computer too,so you are not alone glad its all sorted for you know though hun hugs cheryl xxxxxx

  6. Susie Jefferson7 June 2011 at 22:41

    Bless you, gang! Talk about built-in obsolescence... doesn't it make you mad! Who can afford to replace their computer every 2 - 3 years? Hopefully this one will be OK now for a while.

  7. So glad your up and running again Susie!.. You know? The compliments keep coming in for my pretty blog!! Just thought maybe you'd like to know that! Looking forward to seeing your artwork again! ~tina

  8. Haven't got a clue what you are talking about, but I am very pleased that all is sorted.

  9. Woo HOO! Happy dancin' for you! Isn't it wonderful when everything lines up? The planets and the geeks and I use "geek" with much respect.

  10. Technology and Girls Rock !!!! Glad to hear you are sorted after such a saga.
    Hugs Jo x

  11. Sorry to hear about your computer. Computer problems drive me beserk.

    Just wanted to mention that I really loved your workshop in May. I was really impressed by the huge amount of knowledge you had and thankful for your grace in helping me out while teaching the class. I've been using my new found knowledge in my work a lot.

    I also learned that I had never really experienced true jet lag until that day. So I apologize for inadverently being the 'problem child'.

  12. Susie Jefferson9 June 2011 at 20:23

    Thanks again all of you!

    Beansleigh - you've made my day. I'm so glad you are still getting compliments. I loved doing that makeover. I may be fairly 'non cute' but I DO like 'pretty'!

    Jody - I've emailed you personally - so glad you enjoyed your day, and NO you were NOT the 'problem child' of the day. You are allowed to have jet lag, you know - I'm just amazed you were able to cope with a class at all! I'd be bed-found for a week.

  13. Oh congratulations!


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