Are they kidding???? Who can cope with this amount of hard drive?
Firstly, thanks to all for your good wishes - both by comment and email. Very comforting and very much appreciated.

NOW...the state of play:

I got the computer back yesterday (the nice IT man at our local internet cafe had a go) and I am sorry to say that, although he got it working again, it is not the machine it was. NO complaints at all regarding his work - it turns out the 'new' hard drive I was sent two years ago (when the hard drive was destroyed by a trojan) isn't actually the hard drive I was told it was.

My Packard Bell machine originally had over 200 gb hard drive, 2 gb memory (which I have beefed up to 3gb although it's not showing) but the hard drive they sent me was reconditioned - and having rebooted using Packard Bell's own discs several times, which has stripped out the formatting, I have found:

  • It's a Windows 98 (my computer is Windows XP Home) but I was told I was getting a new hard drive
  • Suddenly an A drive has appeared for a floppy disc (there isn't a floppy disc drawer on the machine!)
  • I have only 29mb hard drive, of which only 13mb is usuable!
Only the barest essentials - I had only just started to reload programmes.
I can hardly load anything, as you can see - you wouldn't believe what I had on there before... So what chance do I have working with my blog backgrounds etc? Huh?

Although my extended 5-year warranty (nearly £200) has run out, in the interest of public relations, the kind lady at Curries has asked me to bring the machine in for them to check it out.

I may swing it on the fact it was under guarantee when this hard drive was sent, so they may decide to do something for me - but I'm not holding my breath. I'm totally devastated, and who knows when I'll get the machine back - so you won't see any posts unless I do it from the internet cafe (which means no pix, sorry).

And if they won't do anything for me out of kindness, I wonder what anyone CAN do - and how much it's going to cost! I think it's going to have to be a case of save hard for a new one. Sob!


  1. I've gone through similar situations trying to "fix" my computers. I am resigned to trying to keep my new computer backed up and be prepared to buy a new pc when this one fails. Repairs cost me 4 times the cost of getting a new computer. I need not mention how the "geeks" can make you feel like a low life!

  2. Anne Huskey-Lockard2 June 2011 at 14:04

    Oh Susie!
    They darned well SHOULD do something since they sold you a misrepresented piece of CRAP!
    And this affects your business (besides us all communicating with you!) so I am thinking I would be paying a not so happy visit to them.....really.
    What a load of hooey.
    No wonder everything went down and quit.
    My deepest condolences~~~hoping that they have the decency to replace what they should have given you in the beginning!


  3. Oh my, it does seem to be going from bad to worse! Still, you seem to be quite handy at making lemonade whenever life hands you lemons—you'll come out on top!

  4. Linda in New Mexico2 June 2011 at 16:23

    Oh my really is awful that companies don't do what they say they will. I had a simple fan motor replaced because it was not working....uh I had a year warranty and 345 days later the darned thing stopped again. Took it in and they would not honor the warranty, so I had to purchase a new one. But the whole computer messed up like yours is....oh my stars. I'm so sorry. Have another cuppa and carry on. Yes? Linda

  5. That is SUCH bad news, Susie. I suspect you are right when you think that a new computer is on the cards and there's NEVER a good time to find the money for one of them :o(

    I am coming to London on Saturday (to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing, hurrah!) and I'm planning on popping into Blade Rubber to get a Somerset Studio mag - will you be there? Just thought I'd say "hi".


  6. Oh, Susie, I am so sorry. Sending the best of thoughts your way!

  7. Susie you must be devastated I would be, I hope Curry's do something for you

  8. Plush Possum Studio4 June 2011 at 04:37

    Oh, my! You were worse off than you knew or had been told!
    Gosh! I do hope all's well soon for you and your machine.


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