When I teach a Coptic books class, I always need to take sample books with me, and have been in the habit of making some miniatures (3in x 2in) because not only are they easy to carry with me, but also because there is just something very charming about having a book so small that it nestles in the palm of your hand.
I’ve found that I had rather a lot of them, and finally wrestled myself into letting them go – and have sold them on eBay (8 of them!)

As I’ve done nothing but moan about my computer for the last forever, I thought you might like to see some of my art work.
021 017
If you want to have a go yourself, I have tutorials for sale in my Etsy shop and also have put my first attempt at PayPal buttons on my Bookbinding page (tab under header). It’ll be interesting to see if the buttons work!
Anyhow, hope you like the little books and that they give you some ideas re decoration etc.


  1. I love these little books! What a charming idea and your artwork is beautiful.

  2. I love these little books! I'll be visiting your Etsy shop!


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