Cabinet card tucks into page pocket - copyright Susie Jefferson

Cabinet card tucked into pocket - copyright Susie Jefferson
Closeup of spread without cabinet cart - copyright Susie Jefferson

I can't remember if I posted about this journal spread already - so if I did, I apologise in advance (Senior moment, lol). This was published in Craft Stamper, and here's the instructions if anyone is interested in how I did the pocket (scroll down to the bottom of the page).


  1. CollectIn Texas Gal10 October 2011 at 21:28

    Very nice Susie. A great layout with so much information compacted into one page with the page pocket. Congratulations on your successful journal publishing.

  2. Love this Susie, you do some fab things

  3. oooh this is gorgeous Susie, love love love it!

  4. Bless you all - you've made my day!

    Have to say this was really fun to do. First time I dared to stamp directly on a cabinet card - and I didn't get struck by lightening for doing it, so will no doubt be doing it again, lol.

  5. Fantastico! I love this, a wonderful layout. And well done for having the courage to stamp onto a cabinet card!

  6. I still haven't started a journal... and every time I see something as wonderful as this, I really do want to!
    It's a brilliant page!

  7. Kate & Bubbles - thanks so much! Bless you for having a good look and also leaving a comment.

  8. Susie - these pages are fabulous! Love, Love them!!!

  9. Tricia - thank you so much! And bless YOU for leaving such a nice comment.


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