It's nearly Halloween - so it's time to dress up your blog with something scary! Here's a not-too-scary freebie blinkie I just made, especially for you Pink Saturday fans.

 If you scroll down you'll see some new freebie backgrounds (also archived on Blogology - see the sidebar for even more scary stuff) and these are very scary!

Have fun...

pink saturday

Finally, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see all the other wonderful Pink Saturday posts!


  1. Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage14 October 2011 at 22:05

    Hello Susie,
    Thanks for stopping by my little Canadian blog. It's always lovely to hear from you. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Gabriela Delworth14 October 2011 at 22:47


    This banner is totally awesome!


  3. Colorful Balloons14 October 2011 at 23:27

    Susie, just I ate a pumpkin pie:) And I love that ''pink'' used in some of your posts. Best thoughts!

  4. So pretty!

    Would you please visit my PINK too? Thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks for your suggestions freebie backgrounds. I never get into that. I do good to keep what I have.

  6. Lynn@ The Vintage Nest15 October 2011 at 02:23

    Hi Susie! How are you? You are always so sweet to share with us. Thank you. I love your's scary! Happy Halloween early and Happy happy Pink Saturday. xoxo

  7. Hi Susie, how are you?! What a fun button, love your new Halloween backgrounds too. Happy Pink and have a terrific weekend!

  8. Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz15 October 2011 at 06:38

    Hi Susie,

    I love the little Halloween button and your background. I've been off my blog more than on it in the past month so it's nice to be able to visit this weekend. Hope life is treating you well.

    Have a wonderful PiNk Sparkly day,
    Steph ♥

  9. What an adorable blinkie - I think I will accept your offer and put it on my blog! You are sooooo talented! Happy Pink Sat.


  10. Love the blinky will attempt to put it on mine Susie. That verse is brill isn't it I have that stamp

  11. Dot - I have a confession. It's because I saw your card I googled for the verse, so I could do the blinkie! Hugs...

  12. Colorful Balloons - would you believe I've never yet eaten pumpkin pie? This year I definitely mean to try it!

  13. Hi Susie,
    I love the blinky and your blog looks so in season. Yes, I was amazed when my friend from the UK whilst living in Hong Kong told me that they had never had pumpkin pie. I thought that was funny. But then again I learned to have a pot of hot water next to my pot of tea to top up the tea. A lovely bit of English wisdom.

    Oh, please feel free to mention my blog and post of things to download. Have a gorgeous weekend.


  14. Hello Susie from the UK.
    Thanks for your comments at manyslices.
    What a cool thing you do in supplying fellow bloggers with back rounds and buttons.

  15. Love it-Always looking for pink halloween stuff and it's hard to find!

  16. Southwest Cottage Designs16 October 2011 at 05:20

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on the Desert Rose dishes. The pretty rose dishes bring sweet memories to many of us. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  17. yvettesblogs.com16 October 2011 at 08:45

    A great header for Halloween...although its a magical evening,its not really celebrated in Australia. And I've never eaten pumpkin pie either...I see so many recipes for it at the moment, that I should be making it! Thanks for calling past twistedvines. I understand your choices of changing from WP, but we can actually see our followers by our subscribers, it just not public, which I don't mind.I hope you'll be happy with your change and I look forward to seeing your creations. Happy Pink Saturday.

  18. Love the pink halloween-it's hard to find!

  19. Wow! I came here through a link on Pink Saturday, and I have to say I love your blog! It's like walking through a blog department store. Its lovely to meet you, I'll be back for another visit soon.

  20. Thanks so much for the sweet words! Will definitely try to load the blinky on my blog (or get my son-in-law to do it!) Hope you have a wonderful pink week!!

  21. Coloured Bubbles16 October 2011 at 23:49

    Dear Susie,

    I changed the name of my blog and then I discovered that I have to tell to all my friends as you because the link has broken. the new link: . A fine Monday:)

  22. {{{{ SUSIE }}}}...i WAS so glad to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.
    Love your Pink Blinkie...:)
    xoxo bj

  23. Thanks for your nice comments about my painted plate the other day. I like that you share your graphics (like the pink pumpkin). Best wishes for a nice week!


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