View of my entire desk area, crammed into the corner (door into hallway is on the right) with a trolley positioned at the end of the table top. Plus a lot of stuff on the trolley, under the trolley, next to the trolley, creeping across the floor...
I'm very ashamed to admit it - I've actually got to the point where I can't stand it any more - my art space is such a mess I can't find anything, and I just can't WORK!

Closer view - see how cluttered the desk actually is? I'm trying to finish my Christmas Configuration box here, and everthing is awash with extremely itchy glitter (did I tell you I'm allergic to dust?)
The main problem is that I'm extremely restricted for space as I work in the living room - at one end - with computer area at the other end, and the sofa and TV etc in the middle. And my poor long-suffering husband finally said enough was enough. And he's actually right - it was getting so out of hand I really didn't know where to start.
View from a slightly different angle. This window is tiny, and in what used to be a long and narrow hallway before this section of the hallway became integrated with the living room, and the door moved. At least I have some good natural light coming from the left.
The left side of the desk, next to the wall and under the window. I'm in the corner of the room (the dark brown you can see on the far left of the picture is our sofa, with the back of my art chair facing the arm). I've crammed in 3 Ikea wood shelf-storage thingies, plus a little bamboo shelf unit (from a junkshop) which needed a good wash. I sprayed it white.
The kneehole section under the desk. Can't even get my feet in there (which is why my chair is jammed up against the arm of the sofa).  I have to stretch and reach over to get at anything. I've got one of those rubber-backed scrubbable mats under the work area to try to keep paint drips etc under some sort of control.
The other end of the room. There's actually a rather nice fireplace and some bookcases under all the mess.
So I'm being really brave and showing you the 'Before'. You'll see the 'During' and the 'After' over the next couple of posts.


  1. Linda in New Mexico8 November 2011 at 22:15

    Oh wow, we are twins of spirit and style. I can hardly wait to see how you are going to succeed at the battle of the "stuff". You go girl. I'll be cheering you on.
    Oma Linda

  2. Wow... that's one mess but I can see some wondrous creations there. Good luck with what looks a daunting task... been there , done that, got the Tshirt, worn it out and used it as a paint rag... so many times! Each one supposedly the last time I'd get into such a mess.
    Look forward to seeing your transformation and thanks for baring your soul!
    love Jo x

  3. You know..... "they" say a messy persons space is the sign of a true artist. I don't know who "they" are. Maybe just another messy space!! LOL!!
    Can't wait to see the fix-up!

  4. Looks like all kinds of good stuff to me, but I can relate to the 'too messy to work' feeling. More shelves above the desk? You could go clear up to the ceiling which would get all the stuff off the floor.
    If the door on the right stood halfway open (instead of wide open against the wall) you could use the wall right up to the door frame. Just my thoughts based on your pics.
    I need to do a similar clean-up but haven't yet reached the breaking point LOL. Good luck!

  5. Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz9 November 2011 at 06:32

    Hi Susie,

    I don't feel so bad now. {giggles}
    I have stuff scattered everywhere right's a sign of things happening in my case. I do need to stop and put some stuff back where it belongs. I'll watch for your update!

    I haven't posted in a while. I've got a nasty cold and among all the other symptoms my eyes will not quit watering. It seems that every Fall I get this crud.

    Hugs and Love,
    Steph ♥

  6. Good for you Susie !!! My space looks much like yours. The good thing about cleaning up is that you find goodies that you completely forgot you had. Like Tim Holtz says "Enjoy the Journey" I will come back for inspiration so I can start tidying up my own artsy stuff. xoxo

  7. I think you are highlighting a problem that many arty/crafty people encounter! It is so easy to collect materials and my 'stash' just grows and grows.... I am eager to see how you transform your space. Good luck and best wishes for your venture!

  8. Thanks so much for the support, gang!

    I've read your suggestions and passed the 'more the ceiling' one along to Himself - who had an absolute conniption fit at the thought of more shelves (ie: more visible mess). So that unfortunately is a non-starter, although he's given in on the ribbon front (going onto the top shelf which has a ledge).

    RE the door - I have stuff hung on the back of it, but if it were only half open we couldn't get in or out. That hallway is really narrow!

  9. Well - Good Luck!! I'm lucky enough to have a dedicated room for my 'stuff' and recently had to overhaul it as I couldn't find anything either!! It's under control for a while........Hope you find lots of forgotten goodies while you are moving it around.


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