Even more stuff over by the fireplace. The computer area to the right (other end of sofa just showing in the photo) is reached by stepping VERY carefully.
So far so good. It seems to be a universal law that everything always looks worse before it gets better when you're trying to do any kind of makeover. All that stuff has to get pulled out before you can put it back again.
The computer area (sofa to the right, fire to the left). Sorry about the blurry picture - my elbow jerked. As you can see, more piles of stuff (and I'd tidied this at the weekend). Sometimes, I despair...
SO: much moving of stuff - and I've found I'm my own worst enemy, moving something only to find I'm in my own way again. I spend much of my time moving one heap of stuff to another area, then having to move it again as it's just where I want to put something else. Very frustrating!

First coat of paint, applied with a foam brush
The tabletop is a huge piece of MDF we had cut to size, and I used it as it was - brown and impossible to see if there was any dust or glitter on it. So much use of scrap paper (which meant keeping a pile of scrap paper close to hand - more clutter).

Magic or what? Some change, eh? I'm very pleased with it - AND I didn't drip on the carpet.

So I turned it over to the clean side, and gave it two coats of watered down emulsion paint (left over cream from the walls) diluted 50:50 to the consistency of single cream.

I then gave it two coats of Klear to protect it. Can't believe how it's brightened that corner! Plus I can see any debris. And wipe it clean.

We're getting there... more photos tomorrow if I can find the charger for the camera (been looking for 2 days!)


  1. Keep up the good work.... you're winning!
    Love jo x

  2. Well Susie I am so pleased there is someone else like me. I end up working in 6" of space. When you have finished yours you can do mine if you like He He


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